Comfort Care Visitation Services Stephen Canter Among the Men Caught in the WSP Child Sex Sting

As most of you know 6 men in Snohomish County were taken down by the Washington State Patrol in a sting operation to find child predators.


#1 is Steven Canter husband of Anita Canter and owner of Comfort Care which provides visiting services for CPS since 2008. Most times the agents who do this also pick up and drop off the kids.

Vulnerable kids who have most times been sexually abused, and who are scared and have no ability to control the grown ups around them or what happens to their bodies at the hands of these adults

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Evidently this woman and man are also real estate brokers

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If you know of anyone who has children in CPS custody in King County, Kitsap County, Snohomish County, Island County & Whatcom County, you need to get them to a police station and have the police talk to those kids.

If you go to church with this man, or have spent any time with him buying or selling property with your kids around you need to also take your children to a local police station and have a counselor or specially trained officer talk to your children.

DON’T do it yourself or the courts will say you coached your child, so please don’t even mention this to them.

Now the owners are busy trying to erase themselves from the internet but there are still pictures online of these people to show the parents and the children…



I want to thank a very alert reader from the bottom of my heart for this story: Children are a our greatest asset and should be our first responsibility no matter what

We are still searching for records but so far we have found this in regards to Mrs Anita Shad Canter

ANITA SHAD OFFENDER ID Z951624168931715933202122720100601
DATE OF BIRTH 03/30/1968 STATE Washington
Date of Offense 05/31/2010 Court Case Number 21227 Court Date 06/03/2010
Date of Offense 05/31/2010 Court Case Number 21227 Court Date 06/15/2010
Court Offense VIO OF ANTI-HARASSMENT ORDER Court Case Number 21227

Here is her application for the Snohomish County Children’s Commission

Keep in mind that this woman may not know anything about her husband’s sexual deviancy but she has included him in many of her activities and has exposed vulnerable children to him