One of Many Anita Azariah’s Lies

So Ms Azariah went to a forum and claimed that Council member Judy Touhy and Mayor Cassie Franklin of Everett pegged her to fill a vacant seat and claimed that they said she should be a democrat because she was brown…

Before Ms Azariah started spewing her lies she probably should’ve done some fact checking before hand.

The Election for Mayor occurred in the years of 2017 and 2021 according to her she was asked to fill  the position in “2019 during the election” maybe there’s a secret election we know nothing about in this dimension but I doubt it.

Obviously I was very concerned that Franklin or Touhy would put someone like her in govt in the city of Everett.

Her assertion that they wanted her to be a democrat because she is brown is ridiculous and only meant to endear her to people who don’t know any better.

Anyway, no they didn’t want her to fill the vacancy.

They don’t even know her.

They don’t have any hard fast rules about political party based on skin color.

The thing that should scare you, is how easily that lie slid off of her forked tongue.

Not only did she lie about it but she just kept adding to it.


There is so many more lies she told from that whole speech which I think was at a church no less

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