Sometimes We Get It Wrong: Luis Moscoso v. Guy Palumbo

Sometimes I get something so wrong that it doesn’t even seem to reside on the same planet. When that happens my first duty to my readers and the public is to try to fix or correct it as soon as possible in the same public manner as I put it up here.

Some of you will remember a story I wrote about Luis Moscoso, which on paper looked very credible, and horrifying. I tried to contact Mr Moscoso for the story but he never responded.

Shortly after my story, the Herald did a story piggy backing mine and my only saving grace at this point was they messed it up worse than I did. They also wrote from the belief that they had the whole story as did I.

In a strange twist of fate I had the chance to have a conversation with Mr Moscoso after getting some very disturbing information from democratic party people in the Snohomish and King County Districts claiming he had been set up.

He was (obviously) not very happy with me or my story. I told him he had the chance to comment but didn’t take it so I went with what I had in documents and on paper.

I told him about the disturbing info I had gotten from King and SnoCo and their successful attempts to sabotage his run for office. I also told him that it was very clear that his own party was behind the info that all of the major news outlets received, along with the Charter School PAC’s

In order to explain how I got the story so wrong I’ll make these 2 points.

Mr Moscoso said he still would not comment on this story in regards to his ex-wife because of his children but the sad reality is that once you run for public office your life good or bad becomes an open book.

1) When Mr Moscoso met his wife, a minor, she was in a dating relationship, possibly even married to a man Mr Moscoso’s age. He did in fact think that she was much older. He later did have a dating relationship with her but it was nothing like I portrayed it or how it was portrayed to me. By this time he had discovered many other untruths or 1/2 truths that she had told him. So there was no grooming or any type of romance while she was younger as stated in documents while Mr Moscoso’s 1st wife was at home pregnant.

2) It always bothered me that when I downloaded all of the available court documents, there seemed to be nothing from him, or his attorney, yet somehow he managed to get sole custody of the children. When I had the chance to “confront” Mr Moscoso about the case I realized that all of the court documents were on my hard drive on the other side of the state, so I went to the court website again and found that this time there were twice as many documents as before. This time documents from both sides. In reading through them I found that not only did I have the whole story wrong but that this woman should’ve gotten criminal charges filled against her.

So how did that happen? It could be nefarious, as in: someone tampered with the documents, but it could be that Snohomish County was just utilizing the Odyssey Portal and was slow in adding documents. Atleast that’s the excuse I’m being given. The second explanation defies logic because when the records are added, the entire case is done at once. Period.

So that made me go back and look at the information I got about the Democratic parties, and the original emails from the parties who told me about all of this to begin with.

Now in order to understand the back story you need to know that it was another supporter of Guy Palumbo (who ultimately won the seat) that sent me the story, along with the same documentation that I looked up and found. This same person is now busy writing stories to cover Palumbo’s wrong doing.

Perhaps the saddest part of this story is that the members of the Democratic Parties are eating each other. The 1st legislative district seems to be nothing more then a lobbyist funded soap opera.

Even more disheartening is the worst actors are in fact Latinos themselves. No minorities get into our state politics unless they “play the game”, very disheartening to know that minorities in our state’s politics are nothing more than puppets, not because of some “white oppression”, but because of other minorities.

People are aware of the prejudice that exists in our society, it’s in the news every day. What most people aren’t aware of is the prejudice within certain segments of different cultures.

Specifically we had a reporter who appeared to be white who seemed to do anything he could to avoid his own culture, if he had not slipped up and used a certain word I would’ve never figured it out myself, he would not have been accepted by most of his family because of his appearance.

All through South America, Central America, and Mexico, they seem to hate each other as well which is confusing because the people from Alaska down to South America are all the same people. Unfortunately the 1st LD seemed to have brought this ignorant, uneducated garbage into their own political aspirations.

There’s so much hoopla over Republicans endorsing Trump after his “move on them like a b*tch” & grab ’em by the p*ssy” comments but it seems that the 1st District Democratic Party needs to take the log out of their own eye before they point to the splinters in another ones eyes.

I was sent the following letter some time ago but I didn’t really understand it til I got into this story.

Suffice it to say that since Senator Palumbo had the most lobbyist money, that the 1st LD whored themselves out to him. There is no other “politically correct” way to say it.

They supported Palumbo knowing full well that I had printed an incorrect story, and that the complaints of sexual harassment and stalking against Mr Palumbo were piling up faster then they could shove them out the back door.

Not one person from the 1st Legislative District reached out to me to share with me the real story which they all knew yet I had dozens of others all across the state coming at me full steam ahead, inside and outside of these LD’s.

So what is the 1st LD – Legislative District? Well it’s basically the heartbeat of any candidate’s campaign.

They lobby for the person they have endorsed, they set up town hall type of events, debates, and they help get them funding just to name a few.

So basically no one gets invited to their debates, or wins without their support most of the time. Basically they chose who you will vote for, exclusively for that party.

Think about that for a moment…

The illusion that you have a “choice” for any candidate is just that, it’s an illusion. It’s basically become a mean boys and girls club of elitist snobs who pick and chose who they want to lead our state, counties, and cities.

If you don’t kiss their behinds before and after they get you elected they will tear you down to nothing. They even go as far as to block anyone who speaks up from their facebook page.

As far as I can tell Mr Moscoso’s crime? He didn’t support charter schools and that is where the money was coming in from for both parties, but worse yet, he dared to say it out loud and it was at that time that the plan was put together to discredit him.

There is not one politician who does not “owe” their win to anyone of the these LD’s, whether they are democrats or republicans. The 1st LD, has ceased to be an operation dedicated to supporting the best candidate, to be nothing more than super PAC whores. Whoever has the most money gets what they want.

Now I am taking journalistic license at this point, I found earlier reports of Mr Moscoso citing to the wrong degree, it turns out that his former campaign manager had made the mistake originally, and Mr Moscoso didn’t want to embarrass him so he just made light of the fact and moved on, not knowing that this same man John Wyble would later campaign for Palumbo and use it against him.

Sadly this is not just a democrat issue, it goes across all party lines that these legislative districts have the power to pick and choose based on whether they can kiss up to a very select group of individuals which makes it very hard to find people to speak out, which is why the defense of Mr Moscoso was so surprising. Those who spoke out are taking a chance of losing everything.

I don’t have access to my photoshop on this computer and I have to be very careful about what I release. Add to that that these players and their connections are so convoluted that it will take me several stories to explain it and understand it.

The damage to Mr Moscoso’s political career has been done, which is partly my fault. My responsibility is to fix it, and set the record straight.

Whether Mr Moscoso runs again remains to be seen I can only hope that my role in this won’t have him turning his back on voters.

Hopefully Mr Moscoso can overcome this, and the democratic party will get rid of the problems within their own ranks before the elections this year. If they lose seats this year it will be entirely their own fault

Thankfully there seems to be one person in the Washington State Democratic party that has the gall to speak up. Hopefully he can step up and get these cretins under control before they destroy the entire democratic party.

EDIT: Mr Tony Yuchasz Former Executive Director- House Democratic Campaign Committee (WA) has asked me to remove his quote because it makes appear that it is a recent quote speaking for the campaign arm of the house democratic committee and that he is speaking on the issues of harassment, he adds that he doesn’t ever recall speaking those words about Palumbo and that he is not the Executive Director of the House Democratic Committee because he retired 6 months ago. He is claiming to be very upset because I did not confirm with him that he said it, but I did confirm it with the people he said it to. It is a statement from around 2 yrs ago that has been published multiple times by the people he said it to and others yet he has never, in the last 2 years asked them to remove it.

I found the above quote (see note above) on Mr Moscoso’s ex-wife page, I might add that Mr Moscoso has been married 3 times, 2 of those wives are close to his age and both as far as I can tell are still very good friends of his.

A “predator” would follow a pattern of engaging with minors if that was his “flavor” which is something else I should’ve taken into account in my original story.

Mrs Moscoso brings up a very important concern that I have voiced many times and why I stopped short of endorsing Guy Palumbo: He has no internet trail, I mean there is nothing there at all. Considering the fact that he is on every social media platform available that is physically impossible unless he has had himself scrubbed. Why would someone have to do that?

This is important enough for me to take a trip to the east coast and find out for myself. You can’t scrub actual physical records.

In case anyone noticed I haven’t written an article in a while, I have moved, and haven’t had access to my computers, internet, or files.

It has taken me this long to sort all of the info I have and figure out all the connections so that I can present it here in such a way that it is understandable.

More importantly once I realized that I had gotten played, and destroyed a perfectly decent person’s entire career, I was contemplating quitting this altogether.

I have decided that I am going to continue, and I will do my best to correct the problem that I created. I am hoping that my readers will someday be able to trust me again, and that I can undue some of the damage that I have done.


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