Jessica Seybold’s Family Still Searching For Answers

It’s been almost 4 years since Jessica’s desperate texts to her mother that she was at the Angel of the Winds Casino with some “creepy guy’ who had her keys. We now know that that was Jason Larcom.

We have written numerous stories as well but we are no closer to any answers than we were before.

We do however know who else was there. A man named Donny Schaffer who’s mother owned the property and a man named Chris who has often brags to other people he is trying to intimidate that he was the one who killed Summer Smith by sexually assaulting and decapitating her.

Jessica Seybold Missing Endangered

UPDATE: Jessica Seybold

Detectives Betts and Faggen did everything possible to not do anything regarding Jessica’s case and any time people called in with tips they were told it was just “methlore” and dismissed.

Just to make matters worse there are morons trying to get “street cred” claiming they did this or any other number of murdered and missing cases.

Thankfully Fox13 has never given up hope of finding answers for Jessica’s mother, kids, and grandkids

Fortunately there is a new property owner who probably doesn’t want to be associated with anything like this so she has given the Snohomish County Sheriff permission to dig up her entire property. Problem is that most of the reports I have received is that her body was burned so unless they find bone fragments they won’t just find her there.

Jason Larcom and Donny Shaffer know where she is and what happened to her and if they don’t find justice in this realm they will face it in the next.

Anyone with any solid information is asked to call the Snohomish County Sheriff and if you just get dismissed you are welcome to send the info to me or send it to the FBI.

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