Anita Shad And Stephen Canter Using “Ministry” To Garner Sympathy

Just when you think things can’t get any stranger, it does.

I was looking up another “visiting service” for another story I was working on and somehow stumbled across this

Seems Anita Shad (Canter) has started a “Ministry”

Now keep in mind her new neighbors have sent me pictures of Stephen Canter sneaking in and out of her new place, so they are in no way separated.

I am still trying to find the property owner and ask him if Stephen Canter is even supposed to be there, several neighbors have said he is not but stranger things have happened.

Just the proximity of children in the neighborhood should preclude him from even being there, but he is using a headstart building as an address so it’s possible he is not supposed to be there.

She is still listed in all of the state directories as a visit coordinator too.

Well what kind of a ministry is it?

So keep in mind when this woman comes to pick up your child for visits she is advocating for an alleged child molester, and he is still around her at all times and possibly your children.

He was sent to prison for numerous crimes and dishonorably discharged from the Navy in 2005 and he actually almost got arrested for trying to solicit sex with a 13 yr old in 2007.

Yet Anita Shad is still standing by him, and the numerous agencies are still letting her facilitate visitation.