Former Wife of Pedophile Running for Senate Anita Azariah Shad Canter

***Editor’s Note: It was noted in this story that Sutherland and Fortney had endorsed Anita Azariah, but there is no proof of what she is saying, and they aren’t listed on her website as official endorsements. I will be sending questions to both offices to see if they are in fact endorsing her or not.

I’ve been out of the loop for almost 2 years but the foolery never seems to end or get any better in Snohomish County.

Snohomish County Sheriff, Adam Fortney, has teamed up with the former wife of pedophile Stephen Canter.

The same former husband she started the non-profit “church” for to defend him and others accused of pedophilia, that was connected to “Hope Homes” in San Bernadino Ca. that houses sex offenders straight out of prison. That is also connected to foster-to-adopt agency but that’s another story.

The same husband she let transport children through her business called Comfort Care which facilitates visits for children in foster care knowing full well he was a pedophile

The courts were actually letting this man use the Headstart address as his own home address while he was out on bail, and even though we notified the courts about this no action was ever taken.

It appears she ran Sheriff Fortney’s GoFundMe for his recall campaign, and seems to be quite close to him.

She was actually working on Sheriff Fortney’s campaign, setting up his “Back the blue” rally and other events, while her husband was awaiting sentencing for for attempted sexual abuse of a minor (for the second time).

It appears that Anita Canter went to the good old standby of switching names.

She was using her former married last name of Shad, but it seems for her purposes now, she went back to her maiden name of Azariah.

So yes the same Anita Azariah who is running for a Senate seat is the same Anita Canter/Shad that started a church to protect pedophiles, all the while letting her pedophile husband transport children via her Comfort Care business she ran through CPS.

You just can not make this stuff up.

She also can’t figure out if she’s Muslim or Christian, looking at her Twitter account is like a trip down the light bombastic…


This woman has no place in the republican party but yet they seem to be flocking to her in droves. From John Kartak, Carolyn Eslick no surprise there, *** Sutherland,  and so many others

In researching her for this last round of nonsense it seems that the lives of the people surrounding her have gotten worse, and some seem to have ended.

So to recap, her husband was busted in early 2016, she starts a pedo church shortly after that, then around 2020 she decides to get into politics and finally divorce the husband once she realized she would need someone to bankroll her political aspirations.

She jumped right on the Q-Anon Conspiracy theory train headfirst it seems from promoting ivermectin, anti vaxxing, anti masking and any other crazy thing that would get her attention.

She also used an old name to start a corporation and that is definitely fraud.

She found a wonderful human, one who did almost everything for her, but his life seems to have ended too soon and from what I can find so far, it appears that if there is not an open investigation there needs to be.

I can’t comment any further until I get more documentation but I’d keep a close eye on that one. Thankfully he had a trust and it all seemed to have happened in Skagit County so Fortney won’t be able to protect his “assets” from where he sits.

Here is just another example of her lies…

She claims she is still facilitating visits through her company Comfort Care, even though that business is completely shut down and her contract with DSHS was pulled 6 yrs ago

So it appears she’s still just as detached from reality as she always was.

Sadly there is more, but I’m going to have to save that for a different post because it is quite detailed.

Even though the GOP is huge on claiming that all Dems are pedophiles, it appears that the local GOP has gotten behind a person involved in a network of child trafficking, like her entire family is involved.

Then I’m still waiting for records for her pot farm called Hemp Network LLC and AnnaCanna and there is also a story behind that. Also something called Green Lion Industries.

No I don’t care who smokes what as long as they’re not driving while doing it but there is a story in there in the fact that everyone seems to lose when they get into business with her.

It seems that while Mr Stephen Canter was out on bail they were going between Washington, Oregon, and California running their scams even though she paid his bail and knew he was not supposed to leave the state.

Not to mention that none of her schooling seems to make sense, as in some of the schools she claimed to have graduated from weren’t even open til 5 or 10 years after she claims to have graduated. Plus the dates keep changing so who knows.

Unfortunately it’s going to be about 4 more stories to uncover all of these woman’s lies and ongoing scams.

It appears the SnCo GOP not only stepped in it, they drug it in, wiped it on the carpet, and then sat on it.

My lord folks, what have you all been letting go on while I was gone?


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