Why Did We Change The Colors?

In yet another one of my insomniac research bouts I found that mainstream news media has switched to red and black for the most part for a reason…

But why?

Most of us know that car insurance is more expensive for a red car, and that bull fighters use a red cloth to anger a bull into charging.

Red is a color that incites anger and passion.

So in order to keep you engaged and psychologically triggered they hope to use those emotions to keep you coming back.

I can not afford to have you all in a tizzy while you’re reading my articles. I need you to be present and calm so that you can take in what I am writing and understand it fully from you’re own perception.

That being said, the earth tones that I was using creates apathy.

The colors that I have chosen are blues, because they promote calmness.

So we’ve switched colors to give you (hopefully) a better experience but I also want you to understand why.

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