The Decline of Newspapers: Our Biggest Threat to Democracy

Editor’s Note: Although this was a very well written and researched article the fact remains that most American’s have become disenchanted with mainstream media because they have become for the most part PR Depts. for local politicians, large corporations, and the highest advertisers. They also failed to take into account that a lot of people as they become more educated and have greater access to information want to see evidence of what is being said, not just “cause they said so” the story portrays Americans as becoming further uneducated when it is clear that people are in fact becoming more knowledgeable. I would hope that everyone challenges everything they read, that they do some of their own research. I love it when someone says to me: “Prove it” It gives me the chance to challenge their thinking and expand their ability to find current correct information on their own. Although I usually provide documentation with my stories but my hope is that at the end of the day my readers have taken it a step further, and done some research of their own. As I always say “I don’t want you to think like me: I just want you to think!”

WASHINGTON, December 15, 2015 – For democratic government to work properly, an informed electorate is essential. Traditionally, there have been virtual armies of reporters looking over the shoulders of mayors, governors, congressmen and senators. Shortly after graduating from law school, work took this writer to Capitol Hill where, for a number of years, I worked both…