What Makes Me a Crappy “Journalist”

There are many things that make me a crappy “Journalist”

  1. As a few other journalists have pointed out ad nauseum is I didn’t go to college and get a degree in Journalism
  2. I’ve got a potty mouth from hell
  3. I am personally and emotionally involved with the stories I write about
  4. I have a very low tolerance threshold for bullshit. Being Autistic is considered a disability but I would disagree in part. I see things in black and white and I have no problem dragging folks out of the gray area that most people live in. It is either right or it is wrong. The world would be a lot less screwed up if other people were the same way
  5. I don’t give up, I don’t care if people listen or not. I continue to say what I know, and what I believe to be true. I continue to research and to investigate even when everyone else thinks there is nothing there – or it’s “no big deal”
  6. I don’t kowtow or schmooze with anyone to get a story. I get tips from the public, I do weeks of research, and I keep at it until I get the story without kissing anyone’s hind end
  7. I tell the truth, instead of sugar coating it or giving a slant that those in power want. I give everyone I write about a chance to make a statement or to correct me, and if I find out I am the slightest bit wrong I immediately go fix it with a note on the story: I don’t go quietly change it and hope no one notices that I screwed up
  8. I share too much of my past. I came from a very violent and abusive childhood, I have had a hard life, I have done stupid shit, and I have had some great things happen to me, and been blessed to have lived a very exciting life. I know people who are famous and before he was killed and dumped in the woods I considered a homeless black kid a precious friend. No one is above me or below me – Unless they lie cheat steal or abuse then I am coming after them to expose them for what they are, right here, right on these pages for the world to see
  9. I’m bossy – I give you the full story here, I provide documents to back up what I’m saying and then I ask (or tell) you to do your own research, to don’t believe me just because I said so or thought so, I challenge you to get out in the world and find out about what I say and even more.
  10. I don’t care who likes me or not – I have 7 kids, 24 siblings, my mom, and at last count I had 15 grandchildren. I also have about 75 people that I consider more like friends then family, and I have about 70 cousins who all, (yes all of them) love me in spite of all of the above.

So I guess a few are right, I’m a crappy journalist, but I am a great blogger, investigative researcher, and in my own mind I have put in the same amount of work as a papered journalist without having the student loan debt from hell. Besides that: from where I sit all I see are PR firms in print these days.


Most importantly – I don’t do this for anyone to like me, I do it because I love my country, I love my Government when it is being run the way our forefathers intended, not being abused and perverted like most of our elected leaders, our courts and the Washington State Bar Association are doing now.

But guess what? I am going to change it, not because I alone am so powerful but because I have friends who are just as committed to restoring our system to the way it is supposed to be. I am not alone anymore.

The city of Everett took everything from me, destroyed my life’s work and set me on this path, I have nothing left to lose and I can’t turn back now.

So even if you don’t agree with my style of writing or don’t like my message – That’s okay. This is America and there are many ways to get your news, not just here but if you’re going to be here, then Thank you, and if I say or write something you don’t agree with say it.

I love the 1st Amendment, not just for me or when it’s convenient for me. If you’d like to write a story send it to me. As long as you can prove what you are saying is true then I will print it here. Or even if you have an opinion and you don’t threaten anyone you have a right to express it. Even though I may not agree we have 2 to 4 thousand folks on here a day who might. This is not just a newspaper for me, it is for everyone.

Whether you realize it or not, or even believe it, I am fighting for you too. I will never stop fighting until I win or I die…