June Robinson The Postage Stamp Bandit

In these crazy political times sometimes we need a good laugh… Anita Azariah’s campaign manager at least delivers on that. Not much else but definitely humor

So one would think that a campaign manager would have something better to do but I guess not.

After scouring through June Robinson’s campaign financials, she thought she had hit the mother lode, the smoking gun that would take down this candidate for sure!

A sin so dire that it would “Violate the trust of the public and manipulate campaign integrity”

What was this almighty transgression you ask?

June Robinson bought 2 rolls of stamps…

Robinson’s staff’s response was swift and they even offered to amend the report to include the exact number of the offending stamps.

The PDC’s response was unmistakable

At this point the entire GOP looks more incompetent than ever before. They have a perfectly viable candidate in Moody -R but they chose a pedophile enabling conspiracy theory loving hack.

I guess we’ll have to wait til the primaries to see what damage these folks have done to the party. I know if Moody still wins I hope he gives them directions to a hot place.

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