Jessica Seybold Missing Endangered

This is one of the hardest stories to write. This young woman is missing and everyone knows what happened to her but no one is coming forward to the police.

Those who tried to contact the Detective in charge feel he is pretty much doing his level best to discredit any info and shutting down anyone’s attempts at trying to get answers.


Jessica was battling the same demons as so many others, but that doesn’t make her less of a human being, it simply means she was more vulnerable then you or I.

On December 12th Jessica was at a couple’s house named Andy and Mary Earp, but for some reason she went to another home belonging to Jason Larcom, where there was another man there named Donny Shaffer who allegedly took part in whatever happened to Jessica.

According to court documents Mr Larcom was responsible for putting away a guy named Eric Barnes who was pretty bad news so he gets away with anything, and that’s what happens when the police depend on other criminals to do their jobs for them.

Jason Larcom took off with her keys and supposedly went to the casino, it was thought she was at the Casino, but I haven’t seen any proof of that..

She then frantically started messaging people the address where she was at and said she was scared she was being set up the address in the texts was 12327 276th St NE Arlington Wa 98223 which is owned by a Yvonne L Ellis but her other last names are Bratley and Malsch. (It should be noted that this Yvonne woman bought the property under the last name of Ellis but her legal married name would’ve been Malsch and I can find no proof of her actually being an Ellis)

Instead she was scared and was texting people to get her away from this Jason’s house, she texted quite a few people, and now this Jason is texting some of them going from threatening, to bargaining, to “nice guy” but what he doesn’t know is that she erased some of the messages of people she was texting as well.

After she had been missing for a few days her ex-boyfriend went to the property and found that her car was there. The women there claimed that they had a written note and permission from Jessica to have her car.

Problem is that the handwriting was from one of the women that is there, and is for whatever reason not telling the truth, along with the other woman. No one can get to them and the police don’t seem to care.

One of the men, Shaffer, who is an associate of a recently convicted murderer, was bragging that they had sexually assaulted her and thrown her in the river. The same man that has been questioned for a previous murder that the Snohomish County Sheriff’s also did nothing about.

So why would someone brag about that? Well to terrorize other women so they are free to abuse them. So yes it is possible he is lying, but the intense pleasure on his face when telling the story leads several others to believe he is telling the truth.

I have numerous text messages, even though they may have had access to her phone, there is still the cloud… but I guess you don’t have to be smart to be a criminal in SnoCo if you help the cops set up a few folks they don’t like.

Here is the extent of the police activity, but her family is trying frantically to get any and all other help out there for her.

The bottom line is that this woman is missing likes dozens of others in that area, and involved with the same group of people. The police seem to be more interested in discrediting any relevant info. They also have an incorrect date as to when she went missing, all of the voicemails, and text messages are from December 12th, not the 14th. She was not seen after the 12th.

They did take her car to examine it but that seems to have turned up no leads.

It should be noted that the cars front windshield was broken because Mary Earp thought that Jessica was having an affair with her husband Andy Earp, but from any of the info I have gotten the police haven’t followed up on that and 4 other leads.

I understand that when you live that kind of a lifestyle that you take certain chances with your life, that is a given. What I don’t understand is why these people feel so comfortable taking these precious lives, and why the police allow this to happen monthly, even weekly.

All of the people above have claimed that Jessica walked off, and/or went to Everett, but the only one who seemed to have Jessica’s property was Donnie Shaffer who gave the ex-boyfriend her make-up bag. These same people also took most everything out of her car and burned it. (Sound familiar?)

He is also being very combative with anyone who asks questions about Jessica, the mother of his child.

As far as we know none of these folks have actually been questioned. Perhaps the saddest part of this story is that Jessica’s mother did call the police the day Jessica was begging for help, but it is unknown if sheriff’s ever bothered to go there.

If the police are actually investigating this case I am withholding the proof that I have in case it is needed to prosecute these individuals, but if they don’t at least bother to question any of them I will just post what I have in a few days.

PLEASE NOTE: I am sick to death of the missing and dead kids who’s deaths are being ignored, or who’s deaths are being ruled a suicide by the coroner that are clearly murder.

This group claims to be a part of “The Club” and have already picked out this Donnie Shaffer as the fall guy because he supposedly did something that made the FBI start looking into a few members.

The FBI has completely ignored every single shred of evidence I have given them so I highly doubt they have any affiliation to the folks on the list of “Club” members. (Yes I have copies of lists of Club Members and these folks aren’t on any of them)

If you don’t understand how this affects you or think this doesn’t affect you then you have to seriously wake up. Property crimes, rapes and murders are being ignored. People’s children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, parents, and grandparents are being murdered.

So next time it happens to be someone you love who is killed and no one does anything, remember you vote the people in who allow this to happen, continuously, over and over again. I can’t help you, I can only inform you and quite frankly I’m tired of screaming into the wind, and working myself 1/2 to death just to have to see at election time that so many folks didn’t have the sense that God gave a jellyfish just put the same people back in power.