OP/ED Our Cancel Culture Is Out of Hand

I say this with love… but quit being so gullible.

With all of these school shootings, and rise in violence all we ever hear from politicians is we have to have stricter gun laws.

No one really makes stricter gun laws, they just tweak things here and there because they all know the truth of the matter.

I could have 50 guns in my house and because I’m not mentally ill I’m not going to take my 50 guns to a school and murder people. Why? Because I’m sane, not mentally ill. Sane people don’t shoot up schools or people.

We don’t do this with any other tool used to kill.

When people stab someone we don’t all hit the streets screaming “Ban all knives”

When someone drives their car into a crowd, or kills someone drunk driving we don’t all start posting “Ban all Cars”

Same goes for hammers, bows and arrows, or any other tool used in the death of a human being.

Once that happens then the media jumps on the bandwagon to drum up the fear, and the political pundits start posting how much money so and so got from the NRA. Never once have we heard a report of how much they got from knife makers, or automobile manufacturers.

If all that fails then they blame drugs… Drugs are not a gateway, trauma is the gateway. Most addicts are trying to self medicate to deal with unresolved trauma because they can’t get mental health treatment.

I am an American, my family fought for the right for me to have these rights that I supposedly have. I also was awake in history class. It was the Dems who wanted to keep slavery, and the GOP who opposed it to the point that we went to war with each other.

So when a group that wanted to keep my people in bondage now want to take our guns, no, I’m not good with that.

The GOP has lost it’s ever loving marbles and become the party of hatred, and the DEMS are fearmongering crybabies.

Yes I said it. We are (or should be) Americans first, not political parties, not religions, not skin colors, not races or nationalities, we are American’s and we need to take back our country before it’s too late.

How? Elect new people, research your candidates, hold them accountable, attend legislative sessions, board meetings, city, county and state meetings. Get involved, don’t just sit on facebook, twitter, instagram, or tiktok whining about it.

Maybe we should start by asking each elected what they did with all the mental health funding. We have one agency who has the monopoly on mental health services in Snohomish County and I can tell you they are horrible to the point that it’s almost criminal.

It’s not much better anywhere else though, we only need to look at King County and Seattle to see just how bad it is in this state alone.

That is one thing I appreciated about living in Yuma, if you were drug addicted or mentally ill, they offered you services to get back on your feet. If you became a problem they hauled your butt off to a mental health/treatment facility and you got help. They suck at social services but mental health services were great.

There was a lady the cops would round up every night and boy could she run, but they’d eventually catch her and take her to the shelter and I’d ask them why they would bother, because it wasn’t really cold out at night and she didn’t ever bother anyone, and the cop told me, she was a woman alone on the streets, mentally ill, and no defenses and that it was their duty to take care of the most defenseless of it’s citizens. God I miss Yuma.

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