Canada Still Has Baby Formula

As most everyone is aware there is a baby formula shortage, or so we are being told. But you know who has some? Canada. Do you also know who has far stricter production standards? Canada.

So how do we get to this magical land of Canadian baby formula? Go to and type in baby formula. You’ll find a lot of formula and it says free shipping for all but they may charge for shipping to the US. (I haven’t been able to test this theory yet to make sure they’ll ship here or what the cost may be)

Remember Canada has universal healthcare so it’s not in their best interest to let products be sold that will make it’s citizens ill.

Just to make sure you’re aware: President Biden has enacted the “Defense Production Act” much like with the Covid vaccines and has ordered Abbott to start making formula again, in the same plant that was shut down for 4 possible different types of bacterial contamination months ago.

Children got sick and some died but, the FDA has yet to even finish the investigation they only started some 5 months after the first cases were reported in September of 2021

You can go ahead and feed your baby that but you should know that if your baby gets sick or dies now from it you will have absolutely no defense and they now have no liability at all because of the hold harmless clause in the DPA

Prioritization and Allocation Authority Exercised by the Secretary of Transportation Under the Defense Production Act

Section 33.90 Protection against claims. This section provides that a person shall not be held liable for damages or penalties for any act or failure to act resulting directly or indirectly from compliance with any provision of this regulation or an official action. This “hold harmless” provision applies even if any provision of this regulation or action is subsequently declared to be invalid by judicial or other competent authority.

If anyone else has any suggestions or places they know of to get safe formula for our children please let us know.

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