PDC Finally Address the Hulten and Reardon Complaints

PLEASE NOTE: I have included all of the documents from both cases so it may take a while to load. I uploaded them on to Scribd since some folks have trouble downloading the files from our site

It looks like my last story about the years long stall on the Hulten and Reardon investigations by the PDC finally paid off.

Or they are at least making a good show of it.

Hopefully they won’t let them make a back door deal and settle this behind the taxpayers back for 250.00 like they did the last time

You may not realize this but the complaint we wrote about was his second go round with the PDC, a complaint filed on May 4th 2011 which was resolved and charged by June of 2011 (within 2 months time) yet this last one lingered on for almost 3 yrs. Why?



As we reported earlier the report made by a citizen on February 22 2012, after years of her own investigations and 10’s of 1000’s of dollars sat on a shelf, even though she provided them all the evidence they needed to have moved on this no decision was made on the case until December 1st 2015. To the credit of the PDC they did include many other files and evidence from the county and state patrol investigations, though.

Here is the original complaint, the PDC notice of investigation and charges but we have also included the original exhibits, that made it out which included only some of the info that the citizen sent them but it is important to understand the evidence in it’s entirety.

The other local paper did include the charging notice for both cases but we felt it important to provide you with the exhibits and the evidence because this is about far more then just Aaron Reardon or Kevin Hulten, it is about many other bad actors in this state still in power. You have a right to know who they are.










The yellow redacted numbers are supposed to belong to another one of Aaron Reardon’s mistresses


Kevin Hulten’s complaint was actually initiated by the PDC itself, to which they then “sat on it since 2013 oddly some of the most damning evidence has been left out.

Kevin Hulten PDC Violations




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