UPDATED: Sometimes Political Favors Involve Doing Nothing

Seems sometimes the way to help your crony buddies is to simply do nothing…

Wait a few years, let the statute of limitations pass and then proclaim a giant “oops” we missed it.

Possibly taking a page out of the Christine Gregoire tenure? Only the PDC will not have to fire anyone or get them disbarred for their faux pas.


PDC Complaint filed against Mr Aaron Reardon 2/22/2012

PDC Complaint filed against Kevin Hulten 4/11/2013

To Date:

No Action Taken

We put a call through to both Mr Lemp and Mr Young who are supposed to be heading these “investigations” but have not received a call back to explain if they are merely sitting on these cases just to let the statute of limitations run out or if they are merely incompetent. It should be noted that a Mr Perkins sat on the Reardon case for almost 2 yrs before handing it off to Mr Lemp

We all know there was far more then enough evidence to charge them both with violations just with the work that the Herald and the Gold Bar Reporter did. So what’s the hold up?

Could it be that if they release the findings that we will all see in black and white that the “Intimacy Kit” that was the cause of such a ruckus was not actually purchased when Mr Reardon was with Tamara Dutton but was in fact purchased on of his trips with Deanna Dawson? Somehow it got twisted all around and Tamara Dutton got thrown under the intimacy kit bus instead of the real participant. So what? The WSP investigations already revealed that.

So the question remains, why sit on a case for 3 years and 8 months and then sit on his buddy’s case for 2 years and 6 months? What do the taxpayers have to gain by this? Nothing and it would close the final chapter of the trail of corruption and destruction that was Aaron Reardon’s legacy once and for all.

So who is pulling the strings here?

UPDATE: I just received a call from Ms Anderson at the PDC and she clarified some things for us

The statute of limitations is 5 yrs.

There has been a major shake-up at the PDC because of cases like these in question.

The PDC investigator was out of state and she cited very poor management which is why cases like these have languished

They have hired new people to do this and just recently there was a meeting between the staff and commissioners who demanded the staff get cases like these taken care of by the end of the year.

She also stated very emphatically that all of her staff was extremely ethical and had no clear answers as to why these investigations had gone on so long. She was very forthcoming with what had occurred over the past few years.

We appreciate her candor but still are unsure why it has taken 3 years for someone to finally act in such a sweeping manner. It also leaves the door open to ask how many other cases have been ignored or swept under the rug because of the incompetence or lack of oversight.


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