How to Run a Successful Smear Campaign

Another local paper runs a story about the John Lovick and Dave Somers race for County Executive, soon that is all you will see on TV and on the radio. It appears to be a fairly neutral story but then you go to the comments and see exactly what is going on.

My grandmother had the same “gift” she could insult you and make you thank her as you walked away smiling and it wasn’t til up to 5 minutes longer that you realized you had just been insulted.

Mr Lovick and Mr Ericks have bullied their way through the last 2 years in Snohomish County:
1) They have mismanaged money
2) Threatened to kill anyone who challenges them
3) Given all their buddies overpaid jobs without council approval
4) Denied most of the county workers any livable wages with the help of the union rep
5) All the while screaming the sky is falling and blaming Mayor Stephanson for their abysmal failure at building a courthouse that no one needs
6) They have also been at the helm of the 2 biggest disasters in Snohomish County history Oso and the Marysville Pilchuck shooting
7) Managed to let more people die at the jail then ever before
8) Been responsible for record breaking lawsuits filed against the county
9) Paid more for internal investigations then have been spent in the previous 10 yrs because of their own and others they have brought on misconduct
10) Snubbed the Tulalip tribes but then tried to get them up in arms claiming Dave Somers had made some racist remarks against them, they basically told Lovick to shove off

Oh but wait: Once Dave Somers says that the county finances are not doing well at all, all of a sudden Lovick does a 180 and says everything is going peachy keen and starts refunding people’s money he took for taxes that he had no business taking anyway.

That’s kind of like getting mugged and having the mugger come back and give you some of your money back but only if you say “Gee thanks John”

Some ridiculous lawyer is commenting on the story saying that the death threats investigations were just silly. If someone threatens to kill you that has an anger management problem and a gun they would be arrested, but not if you’re a former or current cop in Snohomish County.

We know that Lovick lies, and we know that he has already been less then honest in his campaign from the beginning. His brochures went out after the Seattle Times originally endorsed Dave Somers so they knew he did not get that endorsement.

Quoting from the Seattle Times:

Voters should not be misled by Snohomish County Executive John Lovick’s campaign brochure. The Seattle Times editorial board recommends his challenger, Dave Somers.

FOR the record — and once more with feeling — The Seattle Times editorial board recommends Snohomish County voters elect Dave Somers as their next county executive…. Of course, you would not know that if you recently received a large, full-color brochure from County Executive John Lovick’s re-election campaign. This is a disappointing move by Lovick, a longtime public servant. His campaign brochure violated Seattle Times policies by misrepresenting the editorial board’s current position and using the newspaper’s logo without permission. Worse, it is a cynical and deliberate effort to mislead voters.

I just received word from a confidential source that the same union is going to go on the attack against Dave Somers with as much venom and hatred as they can muster. I hope that most folks have the common sense to realize that when the unions attack you that viciously that there is something seriously wrong with that whole picture.

Another thing to consider:

Somers has raised 162K and still has 65K left

Lovick has raised 79K & has 19K left

Somers has gotten more then twice as much as Lovick, and a good deal of Lovicks dollars come from the Union (all the same union, just different chapters) and from lawyers, most notably from the above mentioned lawyer ranting about Somers and the investigation over the death threats.

I have dug high and low for one shred of dirt on Somers, the only thing I can find is that he doesn’t follow the crowd, he speaks up for what he believes and his constituents…

What a jerk, I just don’t know what kind of world this is where a politician doesn’t take kick backs and shake the taxpayers down. Hasn’t this man learned anything from Reardon or Stephanson and their crew? Maybe we should just have the union go and have a talk with him if we can ever get them out of bed with Lovick, Sullivan and Wright.

The only thing I can find is that Somers has a lot of support from Builders, the thing about that is that will be to our advantage if he can forge some good relationships with them. Yes, as in give them a few breaks if they build some affordable housing in partnership with the county, or can build meaningful structures that will bring more money into SnoCo as a whole. Our county is expected to grow in population by almost 200K people over the next 2 to 5 years, we will need places for these folks to live, the more apartments there are the more attractive and feasible rail lines and mass transit becomes.

No worries because I have few records up my sleeve, someone at the county tried to keep from me, but someone else sent them to me anyway. Hold on folks: It’s going to be a bumpy ride



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