King Lovick v. King Stephanson

Found this little gem on My Everett News

Executive Lovick Kills Downtown Everett Courthouse Plan, Blames City of Everett

Basically King Lovick thinks King Stephanson is being a mean mean man and he is blaming everything on the city of Everett.

So now in one of the SnoCo Crews famous moves they are “forum shopping” to move the courthouse to another city (or so they say) maybe they learned that trick from Duvall Police Officer Lori Batiot and the Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management head and his wife John and Crystal Pennington.


The “troubling and unprecedented issues” that Lovick speaks of are that the court house was a stupid idea in the first place and the only purpose it served was to alienate business owners and waste tax payer money.

I mean what a bunch of jerks the city of Everett are. How could they ask for parking, get an agreement, have the county change it, and then complain about it?

I am an idiot

Is it me or can November not get here soon enough?

The only small comfort in all of this is that now we know that the cities and county are willing to eat each other, not just it’s own citizens.

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