Edmonds Animal Shelter Contract Given to a Convicted Animal Abuser

UPDATE: Within 6 months and several deaths of animals the city of Edmonds pulled Ms Luke’s contract with the city of Edmonds

Thompson, Caroline <Caroline.Thompson@edmondswa.gov>
01/04/16 at 8:24 AM
To ‘SnoCo Reporter’ Dawson, Debbie Shoemake, Tabatha S.
CC Lawless, James

I am forwarding your email to ACO Officers Dawson and Shoemake. Also for your information the City of Edmonds terminated its contract with Paws in Paradise effective December 18, 2015. The City of Edmonds is now using PAWS.

Caroline Thompson, Executive Assistant
Edmonds Police Department
250 5th Avenue N
Edmonds, WA 98020
425-771-0282 (phone)
425-771-0276 (fax)

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The City of Edmonds used to be the equivalent of the City of Bellevue… It used to be.

This lady contacted me to tell me that Ginger Luke is part owner of the Edmonds Animal Control shelter… I thought she was joking but she is not. Here is says she is “partnering” with Ginger Luke’s rescue but she is lying (as usual) I have been warning people for years about this woman

Boarding - Grooming - Dogs - Cats 2015-08-30 06-32-48

but she managed to tell on herself… she always does in the end. The truth is she owns it, not that some random person just shares their money with her.

sold rickshaw to buy paws in paradise - Google Search 2015-08-30 16-05-37

So let’s review here:


1} Her & her husband illegally purchased & transported exotic animals & then finally let almost all of them starve to death

Agriculture Decisions – Vol. 65 July to December, 2006

Volume 65 USDA.Gov

LUECK, HANS JAKOB ………………………… 1229

LUKE, GINGER GAIL …………………………. 1229

One USDA Decision (please note Ginger’s name on the top of the page)

Another USDA Decision (Please note Ginger’s name again)

911-AnimalAbuse.com There are a couple stories here about the whole situation.

Selah Couple Apply for Kennel Permit

Popular animal park here faces federal charges for buying critters

Wild Eyes Animal owner jailed & fined  Jakob Lueck, 51, of Seattle … Eventually, he hired someone to care for the animals, and he didn’t do a good job. Federal authorities arrested him, and Lueck will pay a fine of $10,000 and is on house arrest for six months until March 2006..

2) The only 2 animals who survived this horror were Maye and Magic
*** Please note that that sanctuary got quite a few animals but most were too far gone to save, all of the big cats were so wasted that nothing could save them

3) She has more then a 5 year history of buying from breeders I know she also bought from a breeder who has now turned into a rescue because there was more money in it as well. I have proof of this.

4) My daughter was in training at PIMA which is where Ginger got a good deal of her “vetting” for free. If you look on the King County & Snohomish County Assessor’s sites you will find all of her real estate transactions since she started doing “rescue” Yet she was trying to get donations to fix her restaurant when there was a fire?!?!?!

5) The way I found out about her or rescue is I put an ad on craigslist looking for a dog, a lady contacted me & told me she was fostering a dog for Ginger & couldn’t keep him any longer so Ginger told her to take the dog to Seattle City Shelter & say the dog bit someone. I have proof of that too. There is so much more that I could tell people & it is not just me I have proof of everything I say or I don’t say it.

6) Her and her husband were busted for a marijuana grow operation in Snohomish county, before pot was legal, off of the money she got for adoption fees and her number one client according to his buyer list was Lori Trask the animal control officer from the city of Everett.

7) She has tried to steal dogs from me, I had to threaten to sue her to get them back. She has slandered me, & worked with 2 other rescues to try to destroy my life.

8) She supplied a good deal of the dogs who went through hell with this woman Rose Adams along with CJ’s Rescue and continues to help her abuse animals but she is also a very good liar (and a thief) so she has gotten off scott free as well

Dog owner investigated for animal cruelty after fight video goes viral


9) She is getting dogs from transports in California and taking them straight to adoption events without holding quarantining or taking them to a vet which caused a parvo outbreak in Pierce, King and Snohomish county, even healthy adult vaccinated dogs died in that outbreak.

So what does the city of Edmonds do with someone like this?

Well they give them the city of Edmonds Animal Shelter contract of course.

You can not even make this stuff up nor could any human being with more then 2 brain cells even understand it but there it is: She starves animals to death, scams unsuspecting new owners, lies to the general public, and she gets rewarded by the elected officials running the city.

Don’t you feel better to know that your tax dollars are being spent to pimp out animals buy properties and abuse animals?

Debbie Dawson the head of the Animal Control knows full well the history on this woman as do the police and Judge Fair, they are the one’s who threw the Rose Adams trial and they continue to work with these women.

Remember she is the one who decided that these videos weren’t enough evidence of cruelty… or even these videos

Oh and now the original prosecutor that protected them all along with hiding a felony, wanted child molester is a sitting Judge in the city of Edmonds Mike Fisher, as a “reward” (yes I have the emails proving it)

Edmonds has become the city of “The Merry Band of Idiots” an oasis for dog abusers everywhere. Who knew an “Edmonds kind of day” was nothing but misery for poor helpless animals everywhere. The citizens can claim they have no knowledge of the atrocities going on in their city against innocent animals but the Rose Adams case showed everyone the hell those dogs endured, that should’ve woken them up, instead the leaders invited an abuser and a scam artist into their fold.

Like kind attracts like kind…