Drug Testing May Be Needed For County and City Leaders

I can not come up with any other conclusion, the city and county leaders must be on some type of mind altering substance.

In a nutshell here it is: Cop becomes exec, he wants to build a fancy new courthouse to keep all his cop friends in a job.

The city of Everett created a new law against “Illegal Camping” which basically means that it is against the law to sleep in your car if you are homeless and were giddy over the fact that they could help fill up the fancy new digs with all of the people they have made homeless by spending over a million dollars to prosecute someone (me) for a $500 citation that they turned into a $1000 misdemeanor along with about 14 other people they are doing the same thing to who are too afraid to speak out (which is what they are counting on)

The county wastes millions of dollars just trying to buy property, raises our taxes and gets ready to build but the city of Everett says they want to make sure there is enough parking for all.

People in jail don’t generally use parking downtown…

They squabble a bit, come to an agreement, then:

Lovick freaks out because it is obvious he is going to lose his bid for exec and comes up with a new scheme. He announces that he is giving back people’s taxes, and halting the building of the jail because Mayor Stephanson is “so unreasonable” (Ahem… You are supposed to bow to Lovick at this point)

Somehow in his tiny little mind Lovick thought this was going to make him some kind of hometown hero…

Newsflash: Mr Lovick is the one who created this nightmare and waste of taxpayer money in the first place!

So now Stephanson is freaking out and telling everyone he is not to blame…

Only in a politician’s mind would this ever make sense. He comes up with a bad idea, bullies business owners into selling their properties, makes a few backdoor deals with a few builders, taxes the crap out of SnoCo residents, throws the county down a rabbit hole of debt and then gives up the idea after it’s already cost us millions of dollars and expects us to worship his decision to give up the stupid idea.

Lovick Says:

“My gut tells me something isn’t right, all of these delays and all of the uncertainties,” 

Ummmm yeah we didn’t need this project in the first place and we can’t afford it you genius.

So now Martyr Lovick comes up with this brilliant little gem…

Whereas the previous administration recommended the issuance of$75 million in bonds -which were issued in April 2013 – before a building design had been determined and before construction was even underway, I recommend the County wait until these critical components of the project are completed before any additional bonds are issued. Given what has unfolded since December 2014, I am thankful my administration did not issue the second phase of the bonds, despite pressure to do so.

So it must be all Reardon’s fault

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