RANT: Well You’re On Your Own If Your Loved Ones Go Missing

Or you’re a violent crime victim

Or you’ve lost everything you worked for

Or you’re just a gullible tax paying citizen

Between  my blog and this newspaper I’ve been writing about missing folks and the corruption in Snohomish County and Washington state for 7 yrs.

I’ve learned a lot of things I never wanted to know in the process. I have tried to warn people about the people who are in control of our lives, our money, and our Government. Sometimes people listen, but most times they don’t.

I have I have always tried to give my readers evidence of everything that I’m saying. If I report on something and I don’t include documentation there’s always a reason for it but I would hope that by now that my readers would understand that I’m not here to tell anyone any Fish Tales, I’m here to try to get the truth out.

Even I have my limitations, and I’m tired of doing this by myself most of the time. I’m tired of the nightmares as my animals faces, missing and murdered faces, and people who I couldn’t help flash through my mind.

I thought I had aligned myself with someone who could help change business as usual in SnoCo, ultimately I had to disassociate myself from them because they had no interest in the public good, just to keep the continuing controversy going, even to this day. I have no interest in stalking people, my interest lies in removing the garbage from office and out of the public sector. Once they’re gone and no longer able to feed off the public’s money, they cease to exist to me the most part.

My alternative is to publicly shame and humiliate the public servants and elected officials that refuse to DO THEIR JOBS into doing it if I can not get rid of them.

Or as one of the locals who didn’t get elected again said. “She’s like some crazy pit bull bitch that just won’t die”

The reason I am still here doing what I’m doing is because the citizens keep voting stupid back in and recycling the same garbage through one office to another, and then have the nerve to be surprised when politicians don’t behave and things get worse.

Someone recently asked my why I “hate the cops so much” NOTHING could be further from the truth.  I just spent days crying about the officer that was killed in the line of duty in Pierce County.

I’ve also spent 10 times as many nights crying for people who have been killed by the police.

I guess the question is why would anybody want to be a police officer? Why do they show up day after day after they’ve been spit on, cussed out, called names, and in general disrespected? How could a complete strangers love somebody so much that every single day they’re willing to put on that uniform and risk their life? Those are things I don’t have the answer to.

What I do what I do know is that there’s two very distinct types of police officers.  The ones who show up every day because they think that they can make a difference in this world.  Or the ones who became cops just to be in a position of power so that they have access to abuse other people and that same power.

The first ones I love and will do everything in my power to protect, the second one’s I will do everything in my power to stop them and to end their reign of terror.

Unfortunately Snohomish County seems to have more than its fair share of the second kind of cop.

The climate of corruption runs deep here, from the police, to the prosecutors office, to the judges, to the local FBI, and the Federal Marshal’s Office locally. It’s been that way for 50+ years that I know of.

I had a plan when I started this paper. I knew that there is no way that me telling a couple 1000 people a day about it was going to change much, but it does change some things. If nothing else it makes people aware of what is really going on.

I know I can’t single handedly stop the drug trade between local authorities, cartels, and some of the local groups, but I just (duh) figured out that I put one hell of a dent in it because one particular group stopped doing so much business with the local cops, and the other ones never needed the cops, it just made life easier for them.

Sadly it explains the upsurge in deaths because everyone is literally eating each other, but desperate people make mistakes: Big ones.

The police get so angry when you demand they do their jobs these days because they are used to picking up an addict, getting the info they need and going back to the office, more then 1/2 of them in the entire county couldn’t do their jobs if they didn’t have the criminals and addicts.

We’d be better off hiring them in exchange for treatment and counseling.

The metamorphosis as I have seen it was that police used to be happy shaking down a local dealer, or getting info off a local addict or criminal. They could conduct a raid, keep some of the stash and go on about their business.

It was fine when there was only a small group but as others found out, they wanted in. It’s a lot easier to kill some local kid with a criminal record then to start taking out other cops.

Well then you get the prosecutors involved since there are many family and marital relationships that cross those lines, and then you get the judges on board because they have needs too after all.

Then you get someone in the Washington State Patrol, the US Federal Marshals Office, and the local FBI (remember those marital and familial ties) just in case any Federal heat comes down.

Just to make absolutely sure you can keep folks under control you hire as many Brady Cops as you can, hell, you go recruit them from other agencies and put them right under the top brass, and in charge of all investigations that you need to go away.

Next thing you know we start seeing all of these “Task Forces” evil yet brilliant idea. Shadow groups operating outside the fringe, not beholden to the public records act, bringing in money from seizures, cities, counties, the state and the Feds. The more they seized the more they could get from all of these agencies because it made the problem seem worthy of throwing millions of dollars at it.

The downside for them is that so far they haven’t been able to put anyone dependably in the DEA to cover their tracks. I know this only because of a certain bust of a local exchange drug house, the place that deliveries were made, where the drugs were stepped on, and the distribution hub for most of the drugs heading elsewhere.

The DEA did the investigation on their own and only notified the locals right as it was going down, so they had time to move some of it but not enough time to get rid of everything.

Shortly after that Gov Inslee stopped all funding for these task forces and their attempt at hiding public records went straight to hell in a handbag.

They thought they still had the 2 other local groups but those groups soon realized that the protection only extended so far, and being businessmen they made the decision to divest themselves of the local cops.

I know this because the distribution routes have changed and so has the quality of drugs being sold. I’m not a fan of drugs but the addicts who use and buy them have even noticed the difference. Not to mention that my meeting places with my source has changed.

So to answer little man: I’ll die, I’m terminally ill so I have an expiration date. Once I do, all of the evidence, photos, documents, and everything else I have collected over almost a decade about you and your cronies will self publish on all of the blogs I have set up here and abroad. Then again you never know, if I am told that I only have a few days I might just publish them all right then so I can see the freak show before I die. Be careful what you wish for…

Oh and I just went down to Arizona to meet with a few folks from here about people from up here. Yes I figured that out too. Not so “wise” after all. Remember I say everything for a reason. It was so incredible to finally see authorities that listened, and that wanted to do something to take out the trash. It was also helpful to me and them to help understand some of the bigger picture.




All it would take is for a couple of cops to march into the FBI and tell them the truth about what is happening here and they could end this reign of terror. They could stop the deaths of these young kids lost in the haze of drugs, and stop 3/4’s of the drugs that come into our county.

All the deaths, the loss, and the blood is on your hands. While you hug your wife and kids there are families wondering where their loved ones are, holding out hope against all odds that they will see them again, but you know the truth.

Instead they are rounding up anyone who comments on our facebook page, or on this newspaper and harassing them to try to find out what they know since they lost their website they created to make it look as though they were trying to help which was merely another front for them to get info.

What these thugs don’t seem to understand is modern technology. Taking someone’s phone, or stops to harass folks are useless with cloud technology (HINT: when you take someone phone and erase or upload something, there is always the cloud and you can’t access or alter that)

Remember I said, desperate people make mistakes. Big ones… I’ll be watching and waiting.