Everett Shelter Manager Saving Korean Dogs But Killing Our Own

I thought we got rid of the trash that was running the Everett Animal Shelter but no such luck.

The same person who orders the deaths of thousands of local dogs and cats in that very shelter has taken 8 dogs from another country with unknown temperments and the possibility of foreign diseases that our own pets may have no natural defense against, at taxpayer expense creating a huge liability for the city once she blows out of town to go torture Texas animals.

We have seen what happens when we bring animals in just from other parts of our own country when Ginger Luke (who now runs the Edmonds Animal Shelter) brought a bunch of dogs in from another state fresh out of the van onto the Puyallup Faigrounds and caused the spread of a strain of parvo that killed healthy adult vaccinated dogs within days.

This kind of endeavor is not appropriate for shelters, that is what rescues are for. We literally have 1000’s more dogs and cats dying in our Washington state shelters every week.PAWS in Lynnwood and a few other local shelters have programs where they switch dogs and cats around to get the animals more exposure so they don’t have to kill them. I’ve personally seen PAWS take 80 dogs in one day and get them to foster homes and find them all homes, the same day they took 23 dogs from me from a rescue transport

So why didn’t she take some of those dogs? Simple: She is trying to martyr herself at taxpayers expense so she looks good to her new Texas peers. Newsflash I have already warned every local shelter and rescue about her so they are ready and waiting for her. She is going to find a whole different ball game in one of my own home states.

Now I am not saying that those dogs don’t deserve to be rescued, but this is what I do: I specialize in dogs that are unsocialized, puppy mill dogs, and behaviorally challenged, or aggressive dogs. It doesn’t take a couple of weeks, it can take 6 months to a year (or longer) before you have a dependable animal to send out into the general public, these dogs are between 80 to 130lbs which is why they are used for meat so if something goes wrong with them it could be lethal.That being said, I have had dogs that I have had for months and done everything I could to work with them but they were beyond repair and sadly I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have them euthanized and yes I still cry for them but I would feel much worse had they killed another animal or perhaps a child.

It is also an American tradition to impose our own beliefs on people all over the world. We eat cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, deer, elk, moose mainly. People in India starve to death before they would harm a hair on a cows head everyday. People in Korea eat whatever is available and that includes dogs and cats. Just because we choose to dress them up, not eat them and give them ridiculously cute names doesn’t mean that other countries must do so. I don’t like it, but I’m going to tell you this much, if I lived in any of these 3rd world countries and my children were starving there would be anything on my table that I could catch and feed them.

In an ideal world (my opinion only) we wouldn’t eat the flesh of any other creature, but we do. My fantasy is when you see farms that it would be a bunch of fat lazy loved cows waiting to make me tons of butter, yogurt and cheese.

For many years I was a vegetarian but I have something called Hashimoto’s Disease, and soy could literally kill me which is a good part of a veggie diet and I miss it so bad but I absolutely have to eat some type of animal protein everyday to stay alive. In many Asian countries they also have Hashi’s, it’s almost guaranteed, perhaps you believe that these folks should die before they eat a dog, I don’t believe they would agree with you. They also eat rats, no one in America would fault them for that, maybe get a little grossed out but what makes us so much better then anyone else? Nothing, we just like to think we are…

These poor dogs have never known anything except for confinement and there would have never been any type of interaction to what we have with our “pets” but if they are released to the general public and given to an inexperienced home that is going to spell certain disaster for the animals and for people.

Most notably is the fact that this same woman ordered the murder of over 100 cats inside of a trailer, they were methodically and systematically killed one by one, in plain view of the others, and laid out in a nice pile for the others to see. It wasn’t the calm peaceful end of a family surrounding their beloved pat for it’s last moments on earth, it was being caught with a catch pole and strangled and having a needle shoved into somewhere close to their heart cavity while they fought for their lives, kittens killed as their mothers watched and cried for their babies.Oh and in her spare time she holds people’s pets hostage for pure fun

No animal should have to suffer like that, no matter what county or country but before we start cleaning up everyone else’s back yard maybe we should start with our own.

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