Putting Lipstick on a Pig Only Makes a Pretty Pig ARF/Everett Animal Shelter

It seems like every time I do a story about ARF or the Everett Animal Shelter the big local paper does a smooshy feel good golly gee good story about them.

I did a story about the abuse and the truth that goes on every day called

Think the City Shelter is an animal’s friend?

Then they do a story about “Meet the city shelter vet”, only they forgot the part about her being the vet who allowed my sweet Soffia to have 6 or 7 litters before she was 5 years old while she was in private practice. Or that she murdered 110 cats. Or the fact that she murders pit bulls every day just for being born in the wrong skin (or breed)… that’s not feel good and smooshy now is it?

Then I did this story called

Everett Animal Shelter ~ Holding Pets Hostage

Next thing you know there comes another story about how great ARF is how you should donate your hard earned money to them (you know~ so that they can continue to kill dogs and cats, some with homes and people who love them)

I wanted to see what these folks are taking in and what they are putting out so I found 2 of their tax returns



I found this

Arf 2012 tax returnARF 2013 tax return

Basically they are saying in 2011 they paid out around 3200 in vet care but the next year nothing. Yet they claim that their fundraising is to pay vet care for the shelter. They were on another killing spree in 2012 unless I shamed them into something, they even went as far as to leave a brand new litter of pups out in the cold after they trapped her mother knowing full well that they were there. Then they killed a dog a family wanted and had spent a couple hundred dollars on already. (See links at the bottom of this story)

In 2010 they killed 81 cats, not because they had to but because they wanted to. I was getting phone calls and emails from hysterical fosters who were being asked to bring their fosters in to be killed when they hadn’t been anywhere near the shelter when they claimed that one kitten had panleukopenia. The whole story made no sense, they claimed to have walked in a found a bunch of dead kittens in the morning one day, but this disease progresses very clearly for days before any death, there is no way you could miss the symptoms or the smell. None. I guess the blood lust wasn’t quenched because they then proceeded to trap another person’s cat and killed one of them

This year they killed 110 cats claiming they all had kitty aids or kitty HIV yet they only tested a few of them and “decided” they must all have it. Those poor cats didn’t even get taken into the shelter, they were towed to the shelter in the travel trailer sat there overnight then and killed in there the next day as the other ones watched on. What kind of sick mind could think that was okay or even “humane”? I also have documents and pictures of those cats from a day and 2 days before the raid where they were all in pretty good shape, at least the ones who were outside. Another one of their documents that is flawed saying the cats had feces caked in their hair, it could be because they were locked up in the trailer for almost 24 hours, and if it was “so bad that they had to respirator masks to go inside” Why would they leave those cats in there that long?(That will be another story)

Do you really want to donate money to a place that kills animals enmass for PR, or kills healthy adoptable dogs because of breed discrimination?

If you actually want to help animals donate your money to PAWS or PURRFECT PALS, or NOAH or FERAL CAT PROJECT  Give your money to a shelter that actually cares for the animals, and doesn’t abuse them.

These are just some of the dogs I rescued from this place that were injured and maced. Pitbulls are the most abused dog out there because they are so plentiful, a female can have up to 12 to 16 pups per litter, I get that: but not every single one of them

Even if no one else tells the truth about this place or these people I will never stop

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