Everett Animal Shelter ~ Holding Pets Hostage

Someone sent me an article from the Herald about a homeless family’s attempt at getting a beloved family cat back from the Everett Animal Shelter.

The same shelter that killed 82 cats and kittens because they didn’t want to spend any money from their non-profit. Nevermind the fact that they were calling in all of the cats or kittens in foster care who hadn’t even been at the shelter, who had no chance of being sick, to kill them anyway. What’s 82 lives compared to money grubbing dollars that were donated to help animals?

Now in typical Shannon Delgado or Johnson (depending on which groups she is pandering to) fashion, she blames the county for the exorbitant fees when in reality it has nothing to do with anyone but her, she is the final deciding factor in what fees are charged and she has the power by law to waive or reduce those fees.

Everett Municipal Code: 6.04.110 Administration and enforcement by manager.
F. The manager shall be authorized to reduce or waive any fee prescribed by this chapter except those related to licensing. (Ord. 1810-91 § 11, 1991)

The good news is that so many people have been so outraged by the city’s greed that they have received over 1400+ dollars over what they needed on their GoFundMe drive, in response to this horrifying display of power just to hurt a homeless family and hurt a child.

She must be seething mad right about now…

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