If you build it the cops will fill it up

Just what is Snohomish County & the City of Everett thinking?

Let’s take a good look at what is happening in Snohomish County:

Every single day people are dying or hospitalized for Heroin overdoses.

We have the highest death rate in the state (and the NW) for overdose deaths.

We have the least services for housing, mental health & treatment, of any county in this state considering we are one of the largest population of this area.

The City’s answer: Round up all the homeless, drug addicts & mentally ill folks, put them in jail & put a fence around the area they preciously stayed at. Then make sure to make a show of bringing a few hotel vouchers to make the media happy. Oh & let’s not talk about all the tax incentives we’ve given to our aerospace friends that could’ve paid 10 times over for social services

The County’s Answer: Let’s take over 300+ million dollars & build a new courthouse so we can make sure to fill up our fancy new jailhouse, & make sure all of our law enforcement, judiciary, & county friends have steady employment.

The first 8 million they’ve spent already could’ve housed 250 families for 1 yr,  + gotten mental health &/or drug treatment for over 1000 people. If they were frugal enough they could’ve thrown in other social services, job search & even schooling.

1250 people could’ve had a different life last year. 5000+ this year. Instead…

150+ people died last year, leaving 1000’s of grieving family members, 1000’s of crimes are being committed to support drug habits, disrupting the lives of 1000’s of others.The only ones who benefit are city & county employees & elected officials.

My Answer: Get rid of the people running this city & this county, vote smarter & get involved in the process because no matter if you do drugs, have a loved one who does, or have nothing to do with them you have a 100% chance of being affected by this new drug epidemic. Go to council meetings, get on the county or city’s agenda mailing list.

I am originally from Chicago & I have to tell you that I feel safer in the South side of Chicago then I do here lately.



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