Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers lashes out about the truth

Todd Winer a former aide to Senator McMorris Rodgers is speaking out…

The aide did not instigate a complaint against Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers BUT he did tell the truth. In Washington politics evidently that ruins your life.

Todd Winer, McMorris Rodgers’ former communications director, said by phone he did not instigate the complaint and spoke to investigators merely as a witness. The interview came after Winer sent a four-page email to The Seattle Times and other media outlets debunking what he called his former boss’s “fantasy” story that she and her staff broke no congressional rules by allegedly mixing official and campaign money and activities. Winer also claimed the House Committee on Ethics was expanding its inquiry beyond the initial focus to include “efforts to intimidate and punish” him for cooperating with investigators. In March, the ethics committee deferred opening a formal investigation and instead appointed two lawmakers to continue reviewing the complaints. The OCE concluded, among other things, that McMorris Rodgers may have violated ethics rules by using her taxpayer-funded office staff and budget for her 2012 re-election campaign as well as her successful run that year as chair of the House Republican Conference, the No. 4 GOP leadership slot. McMorris Rodgers, through her attorney, Elliott Berke, has denied any wrongdoing and predicted the case — which he said was based on “frivolous allegations from a single source” — would eventually be dismissed. In February 2014, McMorris Rodgers disclosed the ethics complaint as it was about to be made public by the ethics committee. Winer accused McMorris Rodgers’ office of spreading deliberate lies about him to damage his reputation. He also singled out her chief of staff, Jeremy Deutsch, as someone who “instigated nearly all of the violations” cited in the OCE report. “CMR and her team have a pathological inability to tell the truth to congressional investigators and the media,” Winer wrote in his email released Monday.

This is not just that they forgot to fill out some forms that “got lost in the move” nevermind that they AREN’T paper forms, there are literally 1000’s of pieces of evidence against this woman

Statement of the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics Regarding Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Mar 24, 2014

Pursuant to Committee Rule 7(g), the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics (Committee) determined on March 24, 2014, to release the following statement:

On December 23, 2013, the Committee on Ethics received a referral from the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) regarding Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers.  Pursuant to House Rule XI, clause 3(b)(8)(A) and Committee Rule 17A, the Chairman and Ranking Member jointly decided on February 6, 2014, to extend the Committee’s review of the matter.  In order to gather additional information necessary to complete its review, the Committee will review the matter pursuant to Committee Rule 18(a).  The Committee notes that the mere fact of conducting further review of a referral, and any mandatory disclosure of such further review, does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred, or reflect any judgment on behalf of the Committee.

In order to comply with Committee Rule 7 regarding confidentiality, out of fairness to all respondents, and to assure the integrity of its work, the Committee will refrain from making further public statements on this matter pending completion of its initial review.

Pursuant to Committee Rule 17A, the Committee hereby publishes OCE’s Report and Findings relating to allegations against Representative McMorris Rodgers and Representative McMorris Rodgers’ submission to the Committee.


Let’s hope Todd Winer gets a job in some Ethics Committee somewhere. He had to quit his last job so that he could speak out about this woman, that takes commitment in what you believe in & I hope that that kind of integrity is rewarded. Keep an eye on this kid, we are going to see some great things from him.

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