Pierce County Strange Politics Lindquist v. Robnett

As I was going through the candidate filings I seen this

Prosecuting Attorney Partisan Office 4-year term

Mary Robnett (Prefers Non-Partisan Party)
(253) 293-8175

Mark Lindquist (Prefers Democratic Party)
(253) 224-7592

Not too strange, people challenge incumbents all the time. It’s who it is that struck me as odd.

Mary Robnett. I first heard of her somewhere around 2007 when we thinking of moving to Pierce County, she refused to charge a cop with rape and only charged him with trespassing.

That wasn’t the only fire that Lindquist was left to put out. The Wright v. Pierce County (2004) was a direct fubar of Ms Robnett’s, I believe the case may still be going on.

There seems to be a media frenzy going on over this that I completely missed while I was focused on our county.

The race for Pierce County prosecutor is shaping up to be a slugfest

So what is so weird about that, not much, Tacoma’s politics tend to be a bit of a circus.

Of course I went looking for the fake Lindquist Twitter accounts that usually pop up around election time and found it, Mary Robnett is being followed and following this account, seems she just “liked” one of there posts not long ago

I understand wanting to win but the groundwork has already been laid by Ms Robnett.

If you take a look at Mary’s campaign page it is nothing but Mark did this, Mark did this, I’m better than him because I said so, almost 90% of it is nothing but negative.

If you go look at Mark’s campaign page, he doesn’t even bother to mention her. It is primarily what he has done, what he has learned and what he hopes to do for the voters.

She is promising prosecutors free reign if they side with her, that’ll backfire real quick. Her analogy of “put away the bad guys” is almost flippant as if it’s just another joke.

Ok so now this is where it gets even stranger… Most of us have heard about the Nissan v. Pierce County case. A cop Glenda Nissen, was worried that if Mark won his first election that she wasn’t going to be protected and her friend in the prosecutor’s office wouldn’t be either.

So Nissen went home “had a few beers” and started firing off emails, some threatening. It turned into what would be the first and longest lasting circus of Lindquist’s career.

The target of the threats was Mary Robnett, and the one Mr Lindquist was trying to protect. It was never discovered who sent the actual death threats though.

Robnett told Lindquist that another cop had confirmed that it was Nissen that sent the threats and demanded she be banned from the office. Oh and that other cop, has donated to Ms Robnett’s Campaign and has a few suits against the city as well.

So if you’re still following me, 2011 Robnett claims Nissen is trying to kill her thereby starting one of the most prolific public records cases in our state after Ramsey Ramerman, Pierce County Civil section, and the Washington State Attorney General, advised Mr Lindquist not to release them.

The Washington AG even went as far as to file an amicus brief in the case. Most people that it is Lindquist at the center of this (and he is in fact the dummy who is taking advice from the Washington State Attorney General, and the likes of Ramsey Ramerman), but he is not the cause of it. Ms Robnett is.

In 2012 Robnett leaves the Pierce County Prosecutor’s office, after she had started so much drama that she was no longer able to work there and ran straight to the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.

In the meantime she helped file or was involved in filing somewhere around 7, possibly more, bar complaints against former friends and colleagues, all of which were dismissed as bizarre by the WSBA and later in other actions by judges.

All of a sudden in 2016 once Ms Robnett decided she wanted to run, she all of a sudden releases a text message at the heart of the Nissen case… she had it all along, but only released it once it benefited her aspirations.

This is the same woman who claimed that she didn’t know in a previous complaint that Mr Lindquist was running for office after she made a donation to him under her husband’s name.

But now Robnett and Nissan seem to be best Twitter/Facebook buddies… but that’s not all. Merrival and Penner have popped up again right by her side. All of them have made around 10,000.00 in donations to Ms Robnett’s campaign.

If you look at Ms Robnett’s campaign donor list you’ll see “How to buy a prosecutor 101. You’ve got prolific woman beaters, failed authors, brady cops, corrupt judges, and attorneys, (local & federal) a few DC spooks, and people who are past employees who were shown the door.

Sadly even Open Government is donating to her when they should’ve been the first to understand that this case revolved around Ms Robnett, I’ve always realized that early on from reading all of the files, and stories which is why as angry as I am with Lindquist for screwing with the public records, I have always known there was more to the story.

Here’s the kicker. When I asked him about it in 2015, he said there was no reason to drag her through the mud because she had moved on and was at a new job, and that he wanted to keep team morale.

I’ve emailed him to ask him how that loyalty thing to the Washington State Attorney General, and the other various state entities is working out for him but I haven’t received a reply yet.

Oh and just in case you are wondering how Ms Robnett spends the day working at the Washington Attorney General’s Office with our tax dollars, you’ll be *happy* to know that she spends state resources and our hard earned tax dollars to campaign on facebook, on her personal and campaign pages. I made sure I got screenshots, in case they were to disappear and I’ve already sent them out to anyone I can think of.

Besides the obvious garbage Robnett has caused and created we need to remember that there are some very serious cases in the Pierce County court right now, and with this woman’s record of screwing up cases and creating internal conflict there will be a chance that switching prosecutors in the middle of these trials could have deadly results, or worse yet, no results for one particular family who has waited for decades for justice.

As crazy as Mr Lindquist drives with me with his role in the entire Nissen thing, and some of the other dumb things he’s done, the one thing that should be noted is that he is good at what he does and he needs to keep doing it.

Mr Merrival would have you believe that of the 17 Pierce County cases that have been overturned since 2000 that he was at the helm of all of them, that is absolutely not true. He and Stephen Penner have led most of those cases) EDIT: Steven  Merrival doesn’t actually try any cases, but he was at the helm while Steve Penner threw case after case well before Lindquist ever came on board.

He doesn’t need to do this, he is an accomplished author, he has every opportunity to go do anything else in the world but this is his “thing” he wants to help his community

There is far more to this story and I’m waiting on pubic records.


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