UPDATE: Sam Sayers Missing: Day 21

There is also some grumbling going on stating that some of the info I’ve presented here is incorrect, all I have printed is what my sources have told me. I will be requesting all associated records in regards to this case and I will present them all when I receive them.

Tonight marks the 21st night that Sam Sayers has been missing off the trail head of Vesper Peak.

I’ve held off on writing this story for fear that I would make the Snohomish County Sheriff’s angry again and they would do nothing.

Here is what you need to know:

1) A man claimed to have lunch with her at around noon on August 1st
2) At around 1 pm August 1st, her phone sent out an emergency signal
3) The man then claimed it was closer to 2 pm that he had lunch with her on August 1st
4) The visitor log for that day is conveniently missing
5) The Coast Guard was on alert and waiting with infrared but weren’t even called in until 5 days later
6) Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue has had their boots on the ground and done everything they could to try to find Sam
7) The Snohomish County Sheriff’s will not give the family the man’s name so they can talk to him

Here is what I don’t know.

1) What has happened to Sam’s fitbit data, or who is examining it
2) Why it took so long to do anything until the story went viral and they were forced to do something
3) Who has control over those logs and that area
4) If they’ve even bothered to ask for video from surrounding homes and businesses

It is very clear that Sam has a very actively involved family, and volunteers are coming in from everywhere to try to help.

What is also very clear is that at one point a family member expressed dismay over the lack of action and the sheriff contacted them immediately and their posts completely disappeared the next day.

I see it in all of these cases where they do nothing until it might be too late if there is any kind of publicity involved the family is told that they are doing everything they can and that they must make it seem like they’re on the same team and blah, blah, blah…

The bottom line is that Sam is still missing, her friends and family are doing everything they know how to find her along with Snohomish County Search and Rescue.

If you live in the area, and have cameras at home maybe you could forward them to the family.

They also have active drones searching the area as well which they are asking for help to review

Mirella Lugo shared a link.

1 hr

Hi everyone,


Here’s your chance! If every person in this group watched only 3 minutes of footage closely, it’ll mount up to thousands of minutes of footage reviewed. Please follow the instructions below.

#findsamsayers drone footage YouTube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ_o0-rnLVPRpPP1avom-9A


If you see something of note in the videos:

Send an email to findsamsayers.infoboxATgmail.com with the name of the video, timestamp, and possibly a still image of what you saw. We will then review it on the raw footage.

Please, do NOT swarm the family and friends with messages if you see something. Let’s try and keep this focused, organized, and as efficient as possible.

Thank you!

They also have an active Facebook group for updates and to gather information #findsamsayers

The area can be very dangerous, and is mainly for very experienced hikers, so if you want to volunteer please be well qualified for the terrain. There are also a multitude of mines located in the area

I am sure there are other ways to help, just please contact the family to find out. As I said before I’m pretty sure that Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue has had their boots on the ground since the 2nd day and they are an all volunteer organization so I’m sure they need donations.

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