The Supreme Court Will Now Face Christy Diemond

I recently moved so I can only get to mail once a week for a couple of weeks until we get a new mailbox up here.

I got a CD in the mail sometime last week and it was blank with no description written on it.

I always get nervous putting blank CD’s into my computer but after a virus scan I opened it and found this video and the actual paperwork filed at the Supreme Court (seems like someone in the court has a human DNA sequence finally)


It is a long video but it is worth the watch.

Here is the full PDF if you’d like to read it yourself



We have done numerous stories about this debacle and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better for the average citizen in this state. Most of the stories focused on the actors of the scams, and not so much on the victims.

The Strange Tale of Jason Markley’s Photo Shopped Horses

Criminals, Scam Artists and Disappearing Criminal Records at King County Animal Control

Zoophiles in Animal Rescue?

Worse yet one of the main actors is or was under investigation for child abuse and yesterday it was brought to my attention that she has a GoFundMe campaign trying to get 30K because she fell off a horse, even though she has some of the most lucrative contracts with Snohomish, King and Pierce County, and also owns her vet clinic.

This same vet is also a part of the group of women who advocate having sex with horses, and other livestock. Shiver to think of how the “accident” really happened… once someone advocates sex with animals they are never to be trusted again.

Little did I know that someone in the Supreme Court has a conscience and had sent me the CD. I couldn’t have gotten any luckier then this. I am assuming someone sent it from the Supreme Court because the postmark is in a 2 block radius of that area.

Vet Who Testifies For The State in Animal Neglect/Abuse Cases Under CPS Investigation

One of the main factors is that the appeals judge should’ve recused himself since he is the one who made the incorrect ruling but instead he held on to the case and ruled on it again. I am waiting to see if the Supreme Court is going to allow this outrageous behavior or not.

I can’t even begin to explain to anyone how many records and how much of the evidence was tampered with, but this seems to be commonplace with these people.

The perjury in this case is also so blatant that it would take me hours to list it.

Please take the time to watch the video, and please share it with anyone with children, animals, property, or who has crossed a city, county or state agency.


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