Criminals, Scam Artists and Disappearing Criminal Records at King County Animal Control

Evidently if your mommy works for King County you can deal drugs, have pot parties, shoplift, drive loaded, use county credit cards to buy things for your buddies, reset the dates on your county car so the GPS gets screwed up, and run a few counterfeit bills, and if she is really good she can get you a job at the county animal shelter too where you can continue to rack up criminal charges and accuse others falsely to get yourself out of trouble.

Keep in mind this piece of work has been at the head of over 40 animal seizure or cruelty cases. In most of them she had issues with the people beforehand

Shoplifting Jenee Westberg

Suspension Jenee Westberg

Drugging and driving Jenee Westberg

Another bust Jenee Westberg

She worked closely with the scam artist child abusing Dr Hannah, Mueller, White or Evergreen to target people who also not only gets money from taking in seized animals but also get donations from the public and somehow managed to get the contract for vet services for King County when she’s not busy trying to insert herself into un-rescues or taking time out of her busy schedule to appear in a horse sex movie (which she doesn’t include in her child support papers)

5577117.pdf 2015-11-16 01-08-03

In a “not so coincidental” twist the head of King County Animal Control is also named Mueller

Animal Control Services, from kittens to snakes - YouTube 2015-11-14 21-13-20

Please don’t forget the same named woman Judy Mueller (now Adams) who has run the most horrific Doberman/Rottweiler puppy mill in Pierce County for decades & was arrested for intent to distribute drugs as well. The guy who ran the Cultus Mountain Rottie/Dobie Puppy mill from Skagit County, George Adams & her are now shacked up together & running their crappy operation. He was actually convicted of animal cruelty for letting one of his dogs lay there slowly dying & suffering from cancer, he was absolutely convicted & they never took his dogs away, as a matter of fact when a new guy bought his place he didn’t go there for almost a month, he said there were 127 dogs but only 50 were alive because he didn’t know the dogs or horses came with the property. He tried to save as many as he could, and I took several of the dogs, most notably my precious little Momo, the chained dog who broke through her chain and ran to my doorstep for help but sadly died just months later from Osteosarcoma which is what kills most of these dogs if hip displasia or blindness don’t do it first. All I have left of her precious soul is a box of ashes. It also took my whole paycheck to rescue her grandaughter from the same fate as Momo


In my attempts to investigate these people my first tool is the Washington State Court website for records searches

Guess what? BOTH of their records have been “wiped”

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2015-11-16 02-45-58 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2015-11-16 02-46-53

There are NO results for either one of them, the only Hannah Mueller’s record that comes up is a different woman with middle named Rose… but I’m not as dumb as I used to be and I typed in the names of others I knew to be involved and found one record left

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2015-11-16 01-03-02

You had better believe I have a message in for a comment to find out why these criminals records are being wiped clean… I doubt I’ll get an answer, but I asked. So should all of my readers.






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