Vet Who Testifies For The State in Animal Neglect/Abuse Cases Under CPS Investigation

Yes a vet who helps people get convicted (most of the time wrongly convicted) is and has been under investigation by CPS

She goes to court to testify against people, claiming they are not giving their animals care when she herself is living part-time with her 4yr old child in a trailer with no power, no heat, no running water, a hole in the roof, she doesn’t even provide a blanket for her own child who ends up sleeping on the floor once she takes the child’s bed over because her friends are in her bed, she has a fire and ends up having to use car headlights to get light in her trailer. (I wonder if anyone’s horses she was getting paid for died in that fire… there are 5 horses missing from one case in King County)

She is making her take baths in freezing cold water from a hose, and she makes her go to the bathroom far away from the trailer in the middle of the night after dark while the child is alone in the trailer with the fear of being eaten by coyotes.They then claim she has developed potty issues because of this but in my experience children with potty issues are usually being sexually abused.

She sends her to school filthy, and cold in ill fitting clothes while lecturing at the Washington State Bar Association gatherings about how horrible someone else is for not providing food, or adequate shelter, or blankets for their own horses and now we know she can testify to that because she does the same exact thing to her very own child.

Then she makes a 5 yr old child stay home from school so she watch her mother kill her horse. So why wasn’t she charged with child endangerment? I can see if this kid is over 10 or 12 yrs old but what does that do to a 5 yr old baby? It wasn’t a peaceful thing either, not the serene setting in a vet’s office where the child could hold a beloved pet and say goodbye, it was an abusive horrifying experience will scar that child for life, and the fact that she made her child help kill her own animal is not going to help her emotional development

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In a very stupid move this woman Hannah Mueller the vet who testifies at a lot of livestock abuse cases is running an unlicensed facility in Snohomish County. While trying to hide her own assets in a custody dispute as she receives up to 40K PER MONTH for animals that have been seized when her little group of flunkies decides to go after someone who they believe can’t defend themselves OR has crossed them.

No surprise is that she part and parcel of Pasados so that explains a lot about her. She goes after the Snohomish County Animal Control and then is surprised when they come after her?

So someone turned her in for her illegal operation and she goes after Snohomish County trying to get the name of who it was, she was presuming it was her ex-husband and in order to “make her case” adds some of her custody history which is horrifying at best. It is also public records.(Which is how we got the records above)


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She claims she was “trying to get a restraining order” against her husband… a tool used often by those with much to hide. Think Sgt Batiot of Duvall, John and Crystal Hill Pennington etc…

Now she is getting almost 9000.00 per month, yet she has her child living in squalor, until CPS and the Sheriff’s get involved, she is getting money from boarding horses, vet care, “Horse yoga” and she s being paid to testify against people and lecture about “animal abuse” so what is she doing with her money? That should be the question of the hour.

So we’ve got a child abuser who’s claim to fame is an appearance in “Zoo – The Movie” who’s bestie thanks the Stranger for doing a “balanced story” about horse sex (I guess someone has to stick up for them) getting my tax dollars while running an unlicensed horse yoga vet clinic.

I told you this just gets weirder and weirder… and it is far worse then this I promise you that.





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