Zoophiles in Animal Rescue?

I got a tip, one that made me sick to my very core but it involves helpless animals

I was told to watch this movie called “Zoo the Movie” about Zoophiles who seem to think they somehow don’t practice “Beastiality” because they “love” the animal so therefore they are somehow better.

The Stranger columnist Charles Mudede and director Robinson Devor, and executive producers Garr Godfrey and Ben Exworthy were responsible for making this movie according to Wikipedia.

Please note:

  • I am very uncomfortable with the Wikipedia entry that states “in the Seattle Weekly The Stranger” They are 2 separate news outlets and one has nothing to do with the other. The Stranger is owned by Index Newspapers and the The Seattle Weekly is owned by Sound Publishing.
  • The Seattle Weekly did however do the story about “Horse Yoga”.
  • The man who dumped Kenneth Pinyan at the hospital was also named James Tait not Tate.
  • It also does not mention Senator Pam Roach’s involvement.
  • It also doesn’t mention the fact that Hannah Mueller was never really named Hannah Evergreen, but that was the name she used until the Seattle Weekly Story and the Movie came out NOTE: Another reporter did some further research and went and got some divorce records to verify that Ms Mueller was at one time Hannah Evergreen
  • It is extremely disturbing that Jenny Edwards thanks “The Stranger” for doing a balnced story about horse abuse, almost as if she is thanking him for standing up for them


The idea for the film began when Jenny Edwards, who as Executive Director of a rescue called Hope for Horses, rescued one of the abused stallions from the Zoo brothel that is the focus of the film, called Mudede to thank him for writing a balanced piece about the incident in ***the Seattle weekly The Stranger***. Originally the film was to be a story about the dead Zoophile, his family and the rescue of the horse who killed him. Much of the film was made with co-operation of Edwards, using her barn and other rescued horses. The veterinarian was Edwards’s “rescue” veterinarian she used in her “rescue” operation where both woman capitalize on municipalities’ “seized” or “rescued” animals. Dr. Hannah Mueller was known as Hannah Evergreen at the time. During production the film changed due to the involvement of the two men who took Pinyan to the hospital, as well as other friends of his. Filming was almost finished when James Tate agreed to be interviewed. Tate ran the farm in Enumclaw WA and dumped Kenneth Pinyan at the emergency room. His inclusion and interaction with the director derailed the initial concept of the film and resulted in a major re-editing after the Sundance Festival. This edit resulted in removing much of the original Hannah Evergreen (now Mueller) footage though some clips still remain. There was a puzzling interview with one of the minor actors that confused whatever purpose the film originally had. The film became an attempt to explore the life and death of Pinyan, as well as those who came to the farm near Enumclaw for similar reasons, beyond the public understanding of the media. Ultimately it tried to become a positive expose of human-animal sex as a sexual preference. It does contain explicit material of sexual activities, but only in the view of video footage shown on a small television screen.

There is no way I am watching the movie but I did find trailers and it took me a couple of times before I got it. A familiar face: One who is at the center of most of the “Horse Rescues” in King Pierce and Snohomish County ~ Hannah “Evergreen” Mueller. (The voice in the background is Jenny Edwards from Hope for Horses talking about the horse possibly mounting her)

Oso mudslide horses receive help from vets

So a vet in a sick movie about animal abuse is not a big deal. What is a big deal is that no where in the credits is she listed, trust me I looked everywhere. The animals being abused are listed, their abusers are listed but not the vet. I guess since she is the main accuser in over 40 abuse cases they can’t admit she is into “horse yoga”

So in my quest to avoid actually having to watch the movie, I was doing major internet searches and I kept getting “Horse Yoga” in regards to Zoophilia (keep in mind I have my safe search off on Google)

Then I find a story from the Seattle Weekly about… yep: Horse Yoga with none other then Ms Mueller

One book on Amazon describes the horse/human yoga experience as “A New Path for Achieving Union with the Horse.” That might sound like something that would happen on a farm in Enumclaw, but Evergreen says it’s serious business.

“It’s connectivity, the human animal bond,” she says. “It’s like a dance partner. If you’re dancing with someone you really know, and care about, and understand their level of skill and a lot about them, you and that dance partner will take it to a whole nother level.” “It’s really fun,” Evergreen says. “The horses, by the end of the hour, most of the time they’re relaxed. They lick and chew and sigh and lower their heads and close their eyes a little bit. It’s getting them a good endorphin release.” read more…

Okay so she is in a movie about Zoophilia (beastiality) and one of the biggest new trends among Zoophiles is “Horse Yoga” it is also a roundabout way of advertising that a specific place has animals “available”

I then find that Jenny Edwards is once again trying to enlist the help of “The Stranger” over not getting a few horses that the neighbors got from a neglect situation. The video is heartbreaking and the 2 sickest horses went to the neighbors, which would’ve been their bread and butter for garnering donations because most in the Pierce County area were already wise years ago to the horse rescue scam

I spent years investigating different livestock rescues that were selling horses to slaughter after setting up false abuse cases, it was quite the racket but then I got information that they were using the horses to move drugs from state to state which I haven’t been able to confirm but it is a consistent story from different people in different states…

Here are just a few stories I wrote with documentation. Unfortunately I got side tracked so I haven’t dome much further investigating

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It looks like I need to get back to investigating some of these rescues, problem is that most of the animal control officers and rescues involved have criminal backgrounds from dope dealing to counterfeiting and the counties and agencies are trying their very hardest to not comply with the public records act.

I do know that the rescue this horse yoga lady is associated with has gotten more then 60K for the care of unlawfully seized animals and they can’t seem to find a lot of the horses. I know that this group is very much involved with some of the old customers of the Horse Sex Rings that operated in this state, and still do.

I have a lot more digging to do but as I said King County is refusing to hand over records or produce the evidence of any horses, in other words they don’t have them or even know where they went. Yet they are still paying for their boarding and care ~ Correction the taxpayers are still paying for it.

We are also waiting for some film footage and photos from the Echo Lake area of Snohomish County but just be warned we may not be able to (or want to) publish it. Just from what I’ve seen so far we won’t want to, but we’ll make sure to get some good facial screenshots. Evidently the sex rings are alive and well in SnoCo, King County and Pierce County.

Now I have to wonder about what really happened to Sassy, a horse that died at Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County that died of an intestinal rupture.

Just because some one claims to be a “rescue” does not mean that they are. Animals, Children, and Seniors are the most helpless parts of our society and they deserve so much more then this. Consider the fact that until this idiot died (Kenneth Pinyan) there was no law against having sex with animals in this state making his death worth far more then his life.

We have quite a few other people involved in this but we will be doing this story in installments so it will be easier to understand (if anyone could understand any of this)




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