Corrupt Judge Cindy Larsen Hard At Work For Mark Roe

Well the people voted, and they got what they voted for.

A Mark Roe patsy that will do his bidding and she is already hard at work finding all of his cases in his favor.

She does “owe” him for getting her elected.

I wonder how many cases she is hearing that are being investigated by her husband Snohomish County Deputy Jeff Ross.

The Public Disclosure Commission found her guilty of fraud and KING5 did an extensive story about it:

The PDC investigated these claims, and they finished their report in time for the voters to take the time and realize that she is a liar, a scammer and a fraud, but no one listened.

Cindy Larsen – Alleged violation of RCW 42.17A.235 and RCW 42.17A.240


Ticket Number: 
Beth Lucas, Melissa Day, Robert Schiffner
Cindy Larsen
Created Date: 
July 25, 2016
Status of Investigations: 
Referred to Attorney General’s Office

The complaints allege that Cindy Larsen failed to disclose in-kind contributions received in connection with a mailing and online political advertising sponsored by the political committee Safer Snohomish County.

The news ran story after story about it but evidently people still voted for this lackey because she is polluting our courtrooms to this day.

I even warned the community.

It remains to be seen if the Washington State Attorney General is actually going to do anything about it or sweep it under a rug.

I am however making a complaint to the Commission on Judicial Conduct so hopefully both agencies won’t drop the ball.

She needs to be removed from the bench, she stole that seat, thieves and miscreants are running the courts. Making life and death decisions for the citizens. That is the state of our Judicial System