Who is Cindy Larson and Why You Should Be Very Worried.

Cindy Larsen is running for Position #3 for the Snohomish County Superior Court.

She claims to be a Judge Pro-Tem in her political mailers, but we can’t find any proof of that.

Other Municipalities may not have to register or file with the county as having her act as a Judge Pro-Tem so there is no proof one way or another.

Even her “husband”, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Ross claims she is a Judge Pro-Tem on his LinkedIn page.

Why CINDY LARSEN for JUDGE - Jeff Ross - Pulse - LinkedIn 2016-09-04 01-33-04

I say “husband” because I can not find a record of any marriage between the two of them and according to their Deed of Trust they are both specifically mentioned as being unmarried.




The last marriage that was recorded in the county was to a Peter R Rudek in February of 1998

Search Official Public Records - Snohomish County Auditor Web Access 2016-09-04 09-28-41

Seems Mr Rudek was also married to April Zepeda in 1991 who was fired from KOMO 4 and is now the head of the Everett Clinic: Not really relevant but it was interesting to me as I have had my go round with Ms Zepeda. Add that to the fact that these folks change spouses like they change underwear.

Search Marriage Index - Snohomish County Auditor Web Access 2016-09-04 06-52-07

Keep in mind that they all could’ve gone anywhere in the country and gotten married or divorced and I do see a petition for a legal separation in Lincoln County which is where most of these folks got to get divorced.

So that is just all the general information.

If she makes Judge there could be two schools of thinking. Either her personal life is such a hot mess that she shouldn’t be judging anyone in family or divorce matters. Or that she has been through a lot of personal issues so she is better equipped to understand.


According to the Herald

As the investigation revealed, Brooke Davis, Larsen’s campaign manager at the time, also served as campaign manager for A Safer Snohomish County. Sheriff Ty Trenary, a leader of that political committee, co-chaired Larsen’s fundraising effort. And Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe, Larsen’s boss, also served on the steering committee for the Proposition 1 campaign.

Much ado has been made about her connection to the “A Safer Snohomish” because she used it as free advertising for her campaign for the Superior Court Judicial Position #3 vacated by Judge Wynne.

You can see all of the complaints and investigations at these links below

Cindy Larsen – Alleged violation of RCW 42.17A.235 and RCW 42.17A.240

Ticket Number:  6928
Complainant:  Beth Lucas, Melissa Day, Robert Schiffner
Respondent:  Cindy Larsen
Created Date:  July 25, 2016
Status of Investigations: Referred to Attorney General’s Office

The complaints allege that Cindy Larsen failed to disclose in-kind contributions received in connection with a mailing and online political advertising sponsored by the political committee Safer Snohomish County.


According to Ms Larson’s attorney

“This is much ado about nothing,” said Larsen’s attorney Greg Wong, “We feel the Public Disclosure Commission should dismiss these charges and we feel she will be vindicated.”

Three complaints were filed, two through the PDC and one with the AG’s office directly.  That complaint is the chief reason the Attorney General has the case now, because it requires a decision within 45 days.

“It’s clear they acted with each other to circumvent campaign finance laws,” said Robert Schiffner, a Moses Lake attorney who filed the complaint with the Attorney General.

An earlier complaint was filed by Beth Lucas, wife of sitting Superior Court Judge Eric Lucas, who has endorsed Larsen. Another was filed by Melissa Day.

It should also be noted (it is not illegal as far as I know) that Roe is contributing to her campaign


Also somewhat disturbing is the fact that this Brooke Davis seems to be able to control or speculate what is happening at the Secretary of State. Her statement that this is “fixed” is more than disturbing.

fixed-with-the-sos_page_1 fixed-with-the-sos_page_2 fixed-with-the-sos_page_3

The people involved with her campaign should make anyone pause to question…

pacifica-law-group-response_page_1 pacifica-law-group-response_page_2 pacifica-law-group-response_page_3 pacifica-law-group-response_page_4 pacifica-law-group-response_page_5

Even Brooke Davis got out of the fray once things started going south


Perhaps the worst part is that this nonsense has been going on since May of this year, and I did not pick up on it. I did get info last month but in order for me to write a story I must understand it so this past month has been me trying to learn what takes some other folks years to learn.

So I must apologize to our readers for not catching this earlier, and for taking so long to come out with it.

It would been much more useful before the primaries, and so now we may end up with just another one of Roe’s flunkies.