The Murder of Dustin Willard

Years ago a man named Dustin Willard was slaughtered in his own home, right on his own porch. I have the private video’s showing the Everett Police Dept removing evidence before the search warrant arrived.

This case is currently in the Federal Courts, the family’s attorneys have been notified of this evidence yet they have never acted on it.

One of the main witnesses to it has tried over and over to bring some justice to the family and to this man but he has been summarily ignored ridiculed and harassed… He has issued a statement on facebook with some of the pictures on his facebook account which we have used here with permission.

As soon as I can get the video’s uploaded I will add the link here as well

Janice Ellis, Mark Roe, John Lovick, Jim Scharf, Dan Templeman,
Barry Hatch, Pat Vanderwhyse among others…

This is a short list of possible suspects who I believed were involved in the obstruction of justice and evidence tampering cover up on Nov 8th 2008 Dustin Willard shooting by EPD.

Roe, became DA, Lovick became Executive, Scharf retired without READING this case file, you wonder why he stated he would not read the file?

Ellis is now a judge.

Lt Templeman is now Everett’s police chief.

All within years of this cover up? Just saying…

Lt Dan Templeman ordered both the lead and co lead of Snohomish counties Sheriffs office smart team investigators to have someone remove this evidence, Templeman had this evidence taken to Everett’s Police evidence room, NOT Snohomish county evidence room where all the other evidence was taken.

I talked with Templeman around the summer of 2010 over the phone, where I accused him and EPD officers of evidence tampering and murder.

That didn’t sit well with either of us. He stated that I do not know what I am talking about. It could be true…crime scene was contaminated.

But then In public records they have 10 feet of tazer wire, one electrode, and one control box, but EPD states one officer fired 2 times with his tazer to catch the dangerous pit bull out of the back yard so they can search it safely.

So what happened to the other 70 feet of tazer wire, 3 electrodes, and 1 control box? And did the officer who shot the tazer walk off crime scene with his tazer, oh hell yes.

And here is another issue, the taser had NEVER been used prior, not even tested. So let’s jump into a back yard, trapped with a dangerous pit bull and try to use a untested/unfired taser?

Why did our current Everett Police chief order Snohomish County Smart Team Investigators to remove evidence in a shooting where police killed a citizen?

What EPD does not know is I found 2 people who came outside after the 1st round of gunfire, they saw police standing around the corner of Virginia market. They went back inside and turned TV off and went to bed right away, as they were in bed they heard gunfire again.

Of course this does not work with police explanation or public records of the shooting that night, and I was also outside that night, and heard the first gunfire, and then around a minute later more gunfire, to date EPD and DA, Sheriff’s office all say no shots were fired prior to police killing Willard on the front porch.

Someone is a lying scumbag or scumbags, what and why are they covering evidence up?

Did Police fail to notify Willard who they were, oh hell ya, I believe it is possible police tried to taze him prior to him going in the back door, that could be why when police knocked on front door he came out with a shotgun and was shot and killed by EPD officers?

EPD had surrounded Willard’s home around 5 to 9 minutes PRIOR to Willard being shot at front door. You think the dangerous pit bull was quite with 6 officers and police dog and one ride along hiding behind a couple sides of fencing?

Police say he was messing with his BBQ, if he had that much blood on the door area of the house you would think they had blood evidence on the BBQ where he is supposed to have cut himself says police, nope.

If you are going to take evidence out of the crime scene and not include it in the case file, well that contaminates the whole crime scene. No police officer has the right to pick up evidence from a crime scene and claim it had nothing to do with the crime and have it removed.

One other note, prior to my talking with who claimed to be the highest ranking officer on this crime scene, Mr. Templeman, I talked with a man (animal control officer) who was in that back yard with the police officer who stated he shot 2 times (tazer) at this so called dangerous pit bull.

This animal control officer had no clue the police officer drew a weapon let alone using his tazer? He ended the conversation with I would have to check my records. Too late…

To date the Police and DA have lied and covered up evidence about this case, I wonder why?

I hope you all can agree this crime need to be reopened, and some of these men, women need to be investigated for evidence tampering and or obstruction of justice and possible charged.

And I should mention the pictures of tazer evidence was taking after the search warrant had been acquired, problem is this tazer evidence I talk about missing was taken PRIOR to warrant being issued.

Craig A. French

Craig French 1 of 3 pictures of tazer evidence on crime scene.

Craig French's photo.

Craig French 2 of 3

Craig French's photo.
Craig French According to public records this is the only taser evidence recorded by police officers on the Willard crime scene.
In the records police state 2 taser shoots were fired at the dangerous pit pull to remove him from property so police can search back yard.
Now two tazer shots would leave 80 feet of taser wire, 4 electriods, and two control boxes, the only evidence recorded by Snohomish County Smart team investigators is shown above. EVIDENCE TRAMPERING and Obstruction of Justice.
Craig French Lt Dan Templeman ordered both the lead and co lead of snohomish county sheriffs smart team investigators to have them have someone remove this evidence from the crime scene.
EPD’s CSI’s removed and took evidence to Everett police evidence room. Told to me by Dan Templmen in a phone conversation around the summer of 2010. Templeman is now Everett Police Chief.
Craig French I also talked with the person who worked for Animal Control who was in the back yard when these tazer shoots were suppose to have happened, when I talked with him he had no knowledge of taser fire while he was there rounding up that so called dangerous pit bull, with an UNFIRED taser, never TESTED according to police records in this case file.
The only two shoots ever used with this taser were in this back yard.. So this cop states he went into this back yard and shoot his taser twice at the dangerous pit bull, with a taser he has NEVER tested?

Craig French If you wish to see any evidence of this case file, just ask and I will post.