Washington State Patrol Promoting Troopers Instead Of Putting Them On The Brady List

I recently made a public records request of the Washington State Patrol based on some court documents that were pointed out to me by a very helpful clerk.

The first installment shed a little more light on a connection I didn’t even realize existed. Seems another trooper was reprimanded for associating with a known felon named Pepper Prigger. (Who in reality is the abused former partner of another trooper)

That Trooper is no longer with the State Patrol and he has the last name Smith so trying to find him has been like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I’ve got it narrowed down to 2 people but haven’t been able to contact them.

This is relevant because the Trooper named in the court documents., Kelly Gregerson is still with the WSP and has gotten a promotion and moved right by where I believe the correct Smith to be.

Seems Gregerson just sold his house in Olympia and just bought a new house in Central Washington to go with his new promotion.

It appears that he has moved to his new location to harass former Trooper Smith and to make it impossible for his ex-girlfriend to facilitate visits with their child.

So what did this Gregerson guy do that was so bad? Pretty much anything or everything that is unbecoming an officer.

He abused Prigger so badly that she had to try to get 2 restraining orders (but the Thurston County Courts won’t publish anything about the police, or anyone in power, even on the state websites. The only records I was able to find where those in which Prigger was made to look like the guilty party but this man put all of the documents I need in order to further his lies so I still got the relevant info.

Understand that he abused her while she was pregnant, including choking her, jumping on her back and picking her up and dropping her on her back, to the point that she lied to get a restraining order because she wasn’t going to get one either way. Little did she know that she had no chance of winning in the good old boy system.

Prigger was a flight attendant and was eligible for free flights, Gregerson wanted in on the domestic partnership perk so bad that he perjured himself on a notarized document to get those perks and took flights worth up to 4000.00 which is a felony for any of us but not if you have friends in internal affairs who know all about this and many other crimes he committed over the past 12 years. The worst part is he used those same airline miles to fly to Vegas to pick up hookers.

He also lied under oath to several courts for several years (remember that if this man ever testifies against you someday) claiming first that he was paying his current wife to “babysit”, he then claimed he was paying for the child to go to daycare when it was actually a pre-school

Thankfully an administrative court finally seen through it and ordered him to repay the money back to Prigger. He has not paid taxes on it, nor has his wife according to their own sworn testimony. The WSP is well aware of this as well and did nothing but help cover it up.

Sadly the child they have in common  has heart problems, if you read the medical records above you would see a very accelerated heart rate on the baby, a boy usually runs about 100 to 110 beats per minute and a girl is around 120 to 140 which is how doctors or a midwife would guess the sex of a child long before ultrasounds, that little boys heart rate was 130 even 2 days after the assault on his mother. I believe that may have contributed to his condition, even though there were underlying genetic causes.

Yes this is a couple’s personal business but when this trooper uses his position and our tax dollars to escape criminal charges and is instead given a promotion where he can have ready access to the one trooper who stood up for the truth, so he can presumable harass him and also try to deprive the child’s mother from seeing him. That is all of our business.

Even more terrifying is the fact that he still has no regard for his own child’s health, welfare and safety and if he cares this little for a helpless child that is his own flesh and blood it is blood chilling to think how he will treat the general public, especially with the WSP facilitating his abuse of others.

In one of the documents I found this

So here is a man who won’t provide shoes or a coat for his child, and wouldn’t even consider getting his child medication unless it was already paid for and even then he didn’t want to take the extra 5 minutes to pick it up.

He didn’t want to take his child to a cardiologist because he had plans… when your kid is sick that is your only obligation in life.

Who doesn’t even show up at the right place or time to get his child, he would rather go to this poor woman’s house and just stare at her like a buffoon.

(Please see transcripts of recordings below if the recordings don’t work)

Even with all of the records Thurston County is withholding there are still literally 1000’s of other documents, which really scares me for this man Smith and for the woman Prigger. I clipped a few pages documenting his bald face lies that he told in court under the penalty of perjury

(You might also notice up above that Mr Gregerson claims that Ms Prigger was recording him illegally, that was also disproven in a court of law on another document but I didn’t get a decent picture of that document)

All of these lies should’ve been enough to get him put on a Brady List and fired, possibly even decertified but because the internal affairs troopers were friends of Gregerson’s they made sure he not only got away with it but that he was rewarded for his behavior. The FBI, the State Attorney General, the Washington State Auditor all also helped facilitate this man’s behavior by turning a blind eye as well

Here is one final document, it is the most important one because it perfectly illustrates just how corrupt the WSP truly is. Ms Prigger offered Mr Gregerson 40,000.00 and full custody of their son if he would take a lie detector test and could pass it… He refused.

This is just one trooper, and if he is getting away with this much then what are the others doing? If they are not reporting it or they are allowing it to happen then they are just as guilty as this man.

So why should this matter to us in SnoCo? Well if he is getting away with all of this, how many in our area are doing the same?