Videos and Pictures Don’t Lie… Or Do They

Once in a while I see these horrible pictures and videos and I rush to judgement and go on the warpath.

I want you to look at these pictures and form an opinion then read the story at the bottom.

Problem is that most of these pictures are “Staged”

Meaning that several litter boxes were dumped in one box and pictures were taken to make it appear as though this was just one box from one cat.

Litter was dumped and spread around to make it appear as though there was litter everywhere. Plus anyone who owns (or is owned) by a cat knows they kick litter all over the place for reasons known only to them.

The other oddity is that when the person who took the pictures was asked if it smelled like urine because it could be hurting the cats lungs they said no. So if cats are supposedly living “in their own urine and feces” wouldn’t they and their surrounding smell like both?

The pictures were taken by the person who was actually payed over 1200.00 to help her clean up, so as she piled everything she wanted to sort through or get rid of pictures were taken to make it appear as though this was the actual condition of the house. (This is actually the garage where they were taking things as of the house)

When I first seen them I jumped on the bandwagon with the other mindless fools but as I started digging I realized that this was nothing more than a set up.

The cats were put in the cages because some are worth thousands of dollars and there were strangers coming and  going, but they don’t live in these cages 24/7 although I am told that a few of the mean ones do have to sleep in them at night or they go in there if she is going to be gone for more than a few hours or she is out of town and someone is watching them.

In the last picture you can see a cat roaming around but if you look in the back you will notice that the kennels are full of “stuff” not cats, the truth is that only a few of the cages were being used and they were being used because there were so many people in and out

There were claims that there were cats in her heating vents, then it became dead cats in the vent and then to dead cats everywhere.

Personally I don’t believe anyone needs this many animals but here is the kicker. All over social media they are calling this woman a hoarder and blasting her, but until she actually called Animal Control because she knew things were getting out of hand: Animal Control had never heard of her. Sadly she was told that they could take them but they may be euthanized so instead she paid someone to help her and put all over her personal facebook page that she or rather her cats were in desperate need of help.

So then to add to the confusion Thurston County Animal Control went to the woman’s house and it was clean, the cats were happy and healthy so nothing happened.

Then add to the fact that there is the possibility that there are others out there who really do need help but if they see these kinds of things they may never reach out for it and countless animals will suffer for no good reason.

Again I can not stand this, I don’t think anyone should own this many animals, and there are 100’s of 1000’s of perfectly good healthy cats dying in shelters every day so breeding more of them on purpose escapes my sense of logic. But… that is my opinion and since I don’t pay their bills or put in the work what I think doesn’t matter a hill of beans unless an animal or a child is in danger. Then it becomes all of our business.

I almost got fooled, I almost fell for it. I share these pictures and the story because I want you to think for yourself. I don’t even want you to take anything I write or say here as the gospel truth. I can be wrong even though I may have all of the documentation in the world. Sometimes it seems that the “bad guys” are really the victims, and the “good guys” are actually the demons.