UPDATE: Jessica Seybold

It seems the Herald is up to their same old garbage, evidently they did a story about 4 people still missing from December and claimed that Jessica was homeless and that the police had very little info to go on.

I see what they’re doing, and I hope you do too. They’re trying to dehumanize her, she was not homeless and they know exactly what happened to her. She has children who are going to read this and spend a lifetime wondering but evidently the other local paper thinks it’s more important to protect the police who aren’t doing their jobs.

(They didn’t burn everything, remember that.)


Jessica didn’t show up for her son’s birthday…

Sadly it seems that the Detectives Betts and Faggen are only questioning people who may have information that was fed to them by Andy and Mary earp. So it appears it’s more of a loyalty test then an investigation.

Everyone who talks to them is fed a different story, even when they are not asked about anything. A few folks have even dumb enough to try to yank my chain.

The police officers are even trying to do the same thing but they can’t bluff forever and I am NOT letting this one go.

Her children and family deserve some answers.

The folks getting told these lies who are being picked up by police so I’ve been getting copies of all of the phone files from everyone who’s been picked up so far.

I’ve also advised them to request a record for their phone pings and tower locations for that time because it appears the detectives are also on a fishing expedition trying to find anyone they can set up for this. So I’m making sure I have true and correct copy of phone, pings, and records before they doctor them.

Oddly enough the only other person who might be able to offer an eyewitness account of Jessica’s last moments has now disappeared too. (We have confirmed she is alive)

Jessica’s mother was told she should be careful just walking out to her mailbox by the police and she seems to think they were trying to help her by warning her when it is crystal clear that she was being threatened.

Instead of questioning the people who were last with Jessica, they are threatening and ignoring people who are trying to help.

Now it appears they have gone to their all famous standby for when they are responsible for a death or are protecting their snitches and dealers. “It’s not illegal to go missing”

I’ve heard that from every single family who has pushed the issue and that is the signal that they are not looking, or investigating.

At the very least the police are incompetent,  at the very worst some of them are involved.

It should be noted that Jason Larcom was picked up and put into protective custody shortly after this at the Monroe Prison. So anyone who thinks that they don’t know exactly who killed Jessica you are past naive.


Oh and there’s something that I didn’t add before because I’ve been watching to see if it would come up in the fake fed stories.

Jessica’s windshield was smashed and I mean smashed, for 3 days before she went missing all of these people had her car, as a matter of fact it was used in a couple of robberies. The glass was still in there but if a bird would’ve pooped on it, it would’ve completely all fell out so it was very noticeable.

The police managed to NOT pull over 5 known criminals over a course of 3 days and another time for 6 days robbing places and making drug runs with an entirely smashed out windshield??? Yes they were driving around mostly in the daytime too.

Since this happened that there has been an overload of drugs into the area going for dirt cheap, so if Jessica was sacrificed as the “the fall guy” then maybe the local drug dealers who’ve been robbed might want to rethink why this girl is dead.

My advice is for the police to give up their snitch and their drug dealer because I’m not going to let this alone, Jessica deserves better then this and she needs to be laid to rest with some dignity.

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