UPDATED: Brian Varela Accused Rapist May Walk Free

Alyssa Noceda went to a party after a breakup to maybe just forget. She never left, and she did not survive her night at a party in a Martha Lake home.

19-year-old Brian Varela raped her as she laid there dying from a drug overdose

He then texted photographs of her lifeless body to friends while he joked that he thought she had OD’d while he was having sex with her. Or as he said “smashing on her”

After going to work the next morning and leaving her body on his bed, he then broke her legs to stuff her body in a box and then planned on burying her somewhere.

He even asked friends and did google searches on how to get rid of her body and to find the best place to simply just dump her.

According to the probable-cause statement:
He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail on investigation of first-degree manslaughter, second-degree rape and controlled-substance homicide. He is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

The victim, who had recently broken up with her boyfriend, contacted the suspect, someone she had known for several years, over social media Saturday and agreed to meet at his place.

She arrived at his mobile home around 10 p.m. and hung out with friends, including the suspect’s roommate. The woman and the 19-year-old went to his bedroom, where she snorted a line of crushed Percocet pills, which she had apparently brought with her, and then ingested “dab,” which is liquid tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the chief psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, provided by the suspect.

Less than a minute after ingesting the THC, the woman lost consciousness and collapsed on the bed. Though police say he acknowledged he knew he needed to call for help, he instead used his cellphone and took several photos of the unconscious woman “for the purpose of bragging to his friends about his having had sex” with her, the statement says. Along with the photos, he sent a group text to friends, with the message: “LOL. I think she od’d … ”

In the photos he took, the victim’s lips were blue and foam-flecked, the statement says. Detectives say the suspect told them he “was too tired” to take the woman to the hospital and when he woke up the next morning, she was stiff and cold, the probable-cause statement says.

After the victim’s mother posted a message on Facebook saying her daughter had been missing since Saturday night, detectives say the suspect used the victim’s finger to unlock her cellphone and fabricate a social-media post to give the impression that she had run away from home, according to the statement.

He left the woman’s body on his bed when he left to work a double shift at a Dairy Queen in Mukilteo on Sunday, it says. On his way to work, he threw the victim’s cellphone away at a construction site — and the phone was later recovered by detectives, the statement says.

During his shifts Sunday and Monday, the suspect allegedly told co-workers what had happened and stated he didn’t know if the woman “was alive or dead” while he had sex with her. He also told one co-worker he had to “bury a body,” the statement says.

One of his co-workers went home after his shift Monday night, discussed with his girlfriend what the suspect had said and then looked up the message the victim’s mother’s had posted to Facebook that morning about her missing daughter, the statement says. The man and his girlfriend then notified police, prompting the sheriff’s investigation into the woman’s death.

All of this is horrible to even think of let alone read but this kid could walk free. You heard me right. Everyone at the party is changing their stories and for some unknown reason the Black Lives Matter, Police the Police and a few other groups are defending this kid. It is rumored that they have as much as 3 million dollars to go to his defense. If you look on facebook in the various groups you’ll see the horrifying postings, but they don’t seem to be searchable via the internet.

I wish I were joking, but I’m not.

There are many problems and loopholes with this case though.

UPDATE: Through our investigations we have learned that the ad placed on the dark web was not posted by Alyssa, and that the prescriptions did not come from her mother. We do know however that there were several other people who were aiding Mr Varela in creating this convoluted “cover story”. What we do not know is if the police have also found the proof of these new facts. Also keep in mind that the stories being circulated are this man’s and his friends story. Alyssa is no longer here to defend herself.

1) It was revealed that the girl had ads on the Dark Web. Now keep in mind that no one knows when the ads were put up and it’s entirely possible that while Varela had access to her phone he could’ve posted these pictures himself to make her look bad and to cover his tracks. He has fingerprints everywhere over the dark web.
2) The pills she brought came from her and were prescribed to her mother. He only provided the THC oils which weren’t obtained or being used illegally.
3) Now he is changing his story as to whether she was coherent enough to consent to sex, there’s no way to prove one way or the other. The victim can no longer speak. If the coroner can determine the exact time of death, it is entirely possible that he could be charged with having sex with a corpse which is illegal.
4) As for him not calling for aid, his alibi is that he himself was too intoxicated to realize he should, so that may go out the window with his original statements. The interesting thing is he is also claiming he made his statements when he was too intoxicated to know what he was saying yet he wasn’t questioned until much later and managed to work a shift at Dairy Queen and had the presence of mind to use her thumb to create a fake posting from her and possibly posted a few fake ads.

There is however a silver lining, when he thought he was really in trouble he bragged to a cellmate that “he had just given up everyone he knew and that he was going to walk because he gave them everything” normally prisoners don’t brag about being a snitch but he was in fact taken down and questioned for several hours.

Now if this bit of information got back to me from the jailhouse, it most definitely got back to the people he supposedly made statements against which almost proves the kid is not right in his head for bragging about it.

His “brag” was evidently prefaced in the fact that he believes he’s going to walk free and take over and that he believed his friends had turned on him first. Take over what I’m not sure but according to reports his mother kicked him out of her house over “his criminal and gang behavior”

If he did make a statement, his attorney will most likely try to have that erased but the cat’s already out of the bag. I’m not quite sure what “everything” means but it’s most likely not just his spoken word, he may have given them access to his phone, computer or social media accounts but that remains to be seen.