NOTICE TO MARK ROE The Citizens Aren’t Your Personal Toilet Paper 📝

My Poor computer finally died. This one lasted almost 2 years, so I have to give it some credit.

That being said normally I do add documentation to everything I write but until I get a new computer I don’t have that luxury.

So this week I’ve gotten three calls from three different people that I’ve written stories about. They have all asked me to take down my stories because they are being threatened with criminal charges or extended criminal charges by Mark Roe’s office.

Mark Roe is in a very dangerous position of power and he uses it to threaten and intimidate and harass citizens, especially those who dare to fight back against the venerable Mark Roe.

Just in this year alone we know of at least 42 citizens that this man is railroading because they dared to fight back or they dared to speak out.

This is absolutely unacceptable but if everyone keep voting for him he’s going to continue to harass and bully and belittle our citizens and degrade our justice system.

In order to understand what is wrong with Mark Roe you might want to spend a few hours reading his emails.

He seems to be infatuated with several things… pot, other men, and what everyone else thinks of him.

He’s the first tall man that I’ve ever seen with little man syndrome.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many emails that I’ve reviewed where he claims to be Sean Reay’s lover, or any other man he works with.

if he was any closer to David Fontenot, then I would honestly believed those two were having affair.

He definitely hates women, as evidenced by the fact that his wife looks like and actually has the same build as a 14-year-old boy.

If he is gay maybe it would improve his attitude if he just came out of the closet and stopped lying to himself and the rest of the world. Newsflash… no one cares if you’re gay but they do care if you’re a corrupt piece of trash.

I’ve been busy with a lot of other stories trying to get them together, and trying to gather all the information.

I do have enough information about Mark Roe to keep writing for several weeks so I think that’s what my focus will be on.

Mr. Roe is misappropriating hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of taxpayer dollars.

I think that harassing and threatening citizens will really be the least of his problems once the proper authorities come in and sweep the county clean.

If any citizen in Snohomish County is facing criminal charges from Mark Rose office from the Snohomish County prosecutor I would ask for a jury trial.

Do not take a plea deal, and do not plead guilty at all whatsoever. Make them take it to trial and prove what they’re saying because 99% of the time they are lying.

The only way to stop this lunatic is to clog up his court system and make him prove all of the false charges that he has leveled against the citizens of this county, most likely the same citizens who voted for him.

Do not let them talk you into taking a judge trail make sure it is a jury only trial.

If you have a public defender make sure to email them a letter or send one certified mail,  that says they are not allowed to sign any agreement or hear any part of your case without your express permission and signature.

The reason is, if you have a Brady cop that’s a witness against you a lot of times the public defenders will agree to hide that fact from you in an ex-parte hearing.  There is a reason I call them public pretenders.

If any citizens out there are facing criminal charges I would also ask you to please contact me, I cannot give you legal advice but what I can do is tell you what their next move is going to be and what yours should be.