1st Amendment prevails in King County

Well we just got word that the 1st Amendment has prevailed.

In the attempt of the Pennington’s and the City of Duvall’s Sgt. Lori Batiot, to thwart the 1st Amendment a Judge finally looked at the facts (and lies) of the case and seen through the blatant abuse of power under the color of law, not to mention the waste of taxpayer time and money.

One of our community reporters tells us that Joe Beaver’s (former Mayor of Gold Bar) Mr and Mrs Pennington, and a few other Gold Bar Cronies were present in court as well. We can only guess what impact they “thought” their presence would have in that courtroom but it seemed to have backfired.

According to our reporter they Judge stopped short of accusing Lt Batiot of being a criminal. He was not happy with the wasting of taxpayer resources, or her getting free orders, or of her abuse of power under the color of law.

The order was denied and the Judge seemed to suggest that Ms Michelle Hubbard and Ms Block should file for attorney fees, but we have not confirmed if this action will be taken.

Now we have to wait and see how or why the Port of Seattle, TSA, and Customs got involved in this highly illegal fiasco. As of this point in time the Port is doing nothing but trying to get out of actually delivering the records we requested and when they do produce anything it is nothing close to what we asked for: They have mastered the art of not producing every since their little porn escapade, but we’ll keep trying.

We have ordered a copy of the transcript and the order from the hearing and will post it as soon as it becomes available.

I sincerely hope that this serves as notice to any other government fraudster to not use county, city, state, or court resources to try to harass a citizen, and thwart our 1st Amendment protected activities.

Our hope is that the city of Duvall finally sees what a liability Batiot is and gets her off of the taxpayer dime. She will undoubtedly be nothing more then a liability for any municipality that ends up employing her. There are 10’s of thousands of good cops out there risking their lives and limbs for us every day but it is cops like her that the world sees.

We are still waiting for records from the city of Brier over her termination for dishonesty. It should be noted she turned the tables on them and sued them and for reasons we don’t understand yet they settled with her to be rid of her. We’ll let you know that as well once we receive the records.

Our mission remains the same as always, we will continue to report on abusers of the powers that we have bestowed upon them. We may not be able to change the world but we are going to do our best to protect the tax paying citizens of our county.

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