3 Month Old Baby’s Killers Walk Free For Now

I got this tip from an alert reader, I’ll post in his own words

Saturday January, 23, 2016

This regards Donald Coons and Jerrica Schreib, who were accused of killing Schreib’s three month old daughter Madilynn M. Schreib (09/09/2015-12/20/2015) through unmistakable severe medical neglect and probable physical child abuse.

There were numerous news stories about the baby’s death around January 4, 2016, after Coons and Schreib were arrested in connection with Madilynn’s death.

Mark Roe, the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney, filed Criminal Mistreatment in the First Degree charges against both Coons and Schreib in Snohomish County District Court, Everett Division under Case Nos. 15A-16F and 15B-16F respectively, and a judge set bail at $500,000.00 each — especially because the prosecutor asked for this very high bail due to the extreme seriousness of the criminal offense and the fact that the baby girl had died as a result of the criminal mistreatment.

Unfortunately, Mark Roe failed to file felony criminal charges in Snohomish County Superior Court by the Friday, January 22, 2016 deadline set by the district court.  As a result of this, Schreib was released unconditionally from the Snohomish County Jail at 9:17 p.m. Friday evening.  Coons is still in jail on a prior unrelated methamphetamine charge, and is being held under only $5,000 bail on that prior charge — which he can probably arrange to put up now that it is much more affordable to do so.
I happened to obtain a copy of Coons’ court file from Everett District Court on Thursday January 21, because I was investigating records keeping practices for a reason totally unrelated to the horribly tragic death of Madilynn Schreib.
I chose to look at Coons’ court file for pretty much random reasons as part of a set of several other randomly chosen court records.  Needless to say, when I actually read Coons’ court file on Friday, I was completely sickened and disgusted to read the details of the crime that he was accused of committing.  And then I googled the names of Coons and Schreib, and came across the horrible stories in multiple news outlets that had been published back around January 4, 2016.
However, I was completely surprised — and totally upset — when I looked for current court records and incarceration status for Coons and Schreib.  I discovered that Mark Roe had neglected to file superior court criminal charges against Coons and Schreib, and that they will be going totally free as a result.  The evidence of medical neglect and criminal mistreatment seems overwhelmingly obvious from the police and medical investigations that are summarized in the court documents — as well as the fact that Madilynn died as a result of this.
I certainly believe the media should cover this latest development, and hold Mark Roe accountable for letting Coons and Schreib go free without formal felony charges being filed in the superior court.
Sunday January, 24, 2016
Donald Coons made the $5,000 bail on the old meth charge Saturday evening, just like I predicted, and is out for now.
It would be interesting how Coons got custody of his three daughters in the first place (there are several custody actions under his name, likely more than one mother) and where they are now.  As well as where Schreib’s older child (featured in some news reports back in early 2014) is now as well.
As I said before, I stumbled across this tragedy looking into public records practices, and randomly picking several unrelated cases to look at.  In many ways, wish I had not blindly picked Coons as one of those …
EDITORS NOTE: I would also like to add that they coroner has already determined that cause of baby Madilynn’s death all the way back on January 6th so the argument that they still needed further information fails. A deceased child with a ruling of homicide should be enough unless you are a total incompetent. She will never take her first step, speak her first word, and her whole entire existence was nothing but pain and torture and her killers are out enjoying their drugs and freedom. This is not the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd time that Roe’s office has failed to act on child abuse. We need to vote him out and get someone who is not merely a politicians chasing the big news cases. We need a prosecutor who is interested in protecting citizens and children’s rights.
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God Speed little Madilynn, I’m sorry the world has failed you so miserably…
This is just a small taste of what this helpless little girl endured before she lost her life…