13th Regional Corporation Officer Ken Krajewski

The 13th Regional was a cash cow for the many people who slimed their way through our doors. There isn’t one single officer who did not leave with a million dollar corporation of their own, some with several, some with multi-million dollar corporations.

One of the last officers was Kenneth Krajewski


Butler, Honnold, Vail v. The 13th Regional Corporation

Krajewski assigned Butler and Honnold to manage AlaskaCatch, a fish processing venture. There was evidence that Krajewski and Butler committed $2.2 million to AlaskaCatch on terms very unfavorable to 13th and that Butler acted in Krajewski’s place while he was ill.

In July 2004, the Board discovered that 13th was in dire financial straits because of these commitments. The Board placed Krajewski on paid leave and terminated his services in mid July. On July 21, 2004, 13th also terminated the employment of Butler, Honnold and Vail. 13th later sued AlaskaCatch. Krajewski testified in this suit that Butler had no authority to make commitments to AlaskaCatch.

In one instance the 13th distributed patently false information in a proxy forgetting to mention that a woman named Liz Ross was being paid very well, among the top 5 and when a shareholder complained about it, the Alaska Securities Commission slapped them with a 200.00 fine. That’s it.


There were many other lawsuits and questionable “deals” that eventually sunk the 13th Regional Corporation but this is the man who put the final nail in the coffin

Most disturbing of all his new choice of profession is vulnerable adult care called “Griswold Home Care”  a franchise agency that was the focus of a 3 Million dollar lawsuit over a tax scam of it own, claiming that the way it was set up released new owners of certain tax liabilities.

He has 5 criminal charges in this state 2 of which involve violence, I will check on #4 and #5 but #1 is a lawsuit with a settlement agreement. The nature of his business is that he sends other people into vulnerable people’s homes, as far as I know he does not go into them

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