Abuse of the Public Records Act? Not at All

Ms DiVittorio went down to Olympia and said on the record that she was running out of money to protect her employees from the public records act. (Keep in mind that “someone” changed the wording of money to resources)


…on Monday, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Sara Di Vittorio told members of the … We don’t have the resources in the act to protect our employees,”



As we all expected she is back down in Olympia about it again this year but this year if she doesn’t get something done she herself could be facing criminal charges unless she covers up her criminal acts regarding public records. We have the proof, from several sources with metadata from both of her places of employment.

All going back to Gold Bar – She was sent from the Attorney General’s Dept of Corrections to Snohomish County for a reason.

I have been getting calls and emails all day about a story in the local Snohomish County PR newspaper. I am not going to go read it, all that does is make my head hurt.

A newspaper’s first duty is to it’s readers, and to the 1st Amendment. The truth should be the only thing that matters. I recently was talking with a world famous award winning journalist about all the crap they and the Times give me about not being a “real journalist” this was his response


I’m glad you’re keeping watch. And don’t count yourself out. Journalism is not a job, it’s an action. As long as you’re doing it, you’re a journalist.

All best,


That letter is to me what a signed Mickey Mantle card is to a starry eyed kid but even more so, it is absolutely true.

In order for me to get information to the general public I must have access to public records. More importantly the public must have access to this information to keep their government in check.

Make no mistake: Gold Bar is not going broke because 1 woman was requesting public records, Gold Bar is going broke because they are hiding public records from one woman. The former Mayor stated on the record to a Seattle newspaper he was never going to give a certain citizen the records she requested. This is a battle of the wills and his ego.

Beavers, Gold Bar’s snowy-haired mayor, is unapologetic about not turning over every e-mail a certain citizen and her fellow bloggers have asked for. Beavers says he’s already turned over more than 27,000 e-mails that a certain citizen & co. have demanded, but he’s holding back on releasing additional messages, which he estimates number about 3,000. They are off limits, he argues, because they’re personal and do not pertain to government business.

Sadly for some reason Snohomish County, King County, Shoreline, the Port of Seattle, DHS, FEMA, the FBI, WSBA, the Appeals Court, The Supreme Court, and the US Western District Court and a few other agencies got involved to attack one single woman.

They had a plan, a plan they have used on many other people:
1.) Discredit them – Charge them with crimes they are not guilty of, get the local paper to run a few good smear campaigns
2.) Destroy their life’s work – Get other agencies to take away someone’s license if it’s required for work, or get other state agencies to interfere with their businesses or jobs
3.) Out-money them – Drag them through every hoop you can if they try to get information, and through numerous court proceedings until the person is in utter ruins

It works on everyone, well almost everyone.

They can’t seem to falsely charge a certain citizen or out money her but they keep trying

I really wish she would hurry up and file the last of her lawsuits so I could share all of the evidence with everyone. Once you see it you will never look at these people the same.

There is a big story about a kid who requested all dashcam video from the Seattle Police Dept, they gave him a job to get him to shut up but then once he let it go they let him go.
So he’s back at it again.

He sent somewhere around 800 robo requests to Snohomish County alone but they denied those requests because, they only have to provide records to human beings.

Of course the lawyers are using this to try to slap down the Public Records Act right now, this moment in Olympia and with many more stunts like this, they are going to be successful and we will lose all access to records and our Government will destroy us.

This was the worst time ever to pull this kind of move but it’s done now and being used for fodder to destroy the Public Records Act.

In order to understand it, you must understand his “point”: All public records should be made readily available, they belong to the public but instead the govt hides them, makes the citizens sue them or take other drastic actions.

If the cities, counties and state spent as much money fighting the Public Records Act as they did making the records available online they would save millions of dollars every year and would completely eliminate these types of requests entirely, because the information would readily accessible.

If you hear them tell it then it would take millions of dollars they don’t have to post all of these records but the truth is that it would be far cheaper to post everything as it is generated and be done with it.

Then people like Ramsey Ramerman would lose their ability to violate people’s rights, destroy careers, bankrupt towns and cities and make money off the taxpayers backs.

People like Mark Roe, Geoffrey Gibbs, and many others would lose their ability to hide behind the PRA and these corrupt actors every move would be known to everyone.

They can not have that going on or you may not vote for them again ad nauseum.

So please before you fall for the hype think very carefully about what your govt actors are trying to hide. People with nothing to hide don’t fight the truth so violently