Brandon “Bubba” Perecz Still Missing

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I have been given new information, I have also been given some proof of it. Sadly for some reason the police have lied. Brandon did not just jump in the river.

He is gone.

The people involved in his murder have mysteriously just had multiple charges just dropped against them, because Brandon knew some things about the local dealers and cops that they didn’t want him to share.

Always remember that little GoPro cameras can be stuck anywhere, and they have night vision and high definition no matter how far off the beaten path anyone goes.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s are telling the mother that they are working on the case and they have a few folks who are suspect, unfortunately she believes them.

We also have an insider who said they are trying to drum up criminal charges against her to shut her up and to shut her down.

This is what we can tell you at this point: Bubba was being chased by a black SnCo SUV being driven by Deputy Hawthorne and some how he ended up shot, in the trunk of a woman’s car. The car broke down and they had to switch cars.

Sadly the property that contained the evidence has been cleared so it is unknown what was done with his body at this point.

At this point the 2 men who were involved and the woman have no choice but to keep their mouths shut or go to the FBI office in Seattle because if they say anything, they’ll get framed and/or end up dead.

Problem is that they are all addicts and dealers so they are happy to give their kickbacks and go on about their business.