City of Everett Public Records Requests Games in Overdrive

They have a new wicked witch in charge of withholding public records: One with a particularly condescending and rude attitude. Ms Anna Pankovich, city accounting tech turned Deputy City Clerk… I wonder what one has to do to attain that “title”

Anna Pankevich - LinkedIn 2015-12-14 15-09-48

But the city doesn’t want to give up it’s records so they will continue to play these games, it’s what they do…

Her snotty little attitude fits right in with the city of Everett, and her snide little comments about “I have a long history of making large PRA requests and refusing to pay or abandoning them” She doesn’t happen to mention that they do everything in their power to make sure I can not afford some of them, or that they never number the requests, or that the last “record” they sent contained 102 of the same exact email.

This is what anyone who tries to get records goes through and don’t you dare fight back or they will charge you with some kind of a crime as well. That is what they do.

I think it’s time to bring the focus back on to the city of Everett once again.

We’ve cleaned up a good deal of Snohomish County but these little pustules of corruption and egos seem to need some Sunshine

Public Disclosure Requests

Ms. Taamu,

The City’s emails on November 9 and November 19 clearly distinguish between your two pending requests and make it clear that you needed to make payments on both requests or they will be treated as abandoned.  Even if you were confused about which deadline applied to which request, you knew you had the two outstanding requests and thus should have known you had outstanding payments for installments due on both requests.  Yet you did not seek clarification or make payment on either request.   The City waited for an additional week past the second deadline to give you a chance to make payment, but you did nothing.

Moreover, you have a long history of making large PRA requests and then failing to pay for installments and abandoning those requests.  You have also repeatedly complained that the substance of the records that have been provided, and thus it would not be surprising if you did abandon your requests again.

Accordingly, the City stands by its decisions to treat these two requests as abandoned.

You are, however, free to remake your requests.  Therefore, the City will treat your email below as remaking those prior requests.

To avoid future confusion, below I was restate what requests the City currently has from you and provide you with the tracking number for each request for future reference.

If the description below does not describe what you believe you are requesting, please provide further clarification using the tracking numbers to avoid confusion.

For each request, I also need clarification regarding paper records.  For prior requests, you have stated that you do not want to have to pay for per-page scanning costs and thus only want records that are already in electronic format.  Thus, paper records are excluded from your request.  Moreover, because the City must print records to hand-redact those records, you requests have also excluded any electronic records that need redactions.

The City will assume this limitation applies to all three of your pending requests below.  If you do not intend it to apply to one or more of your requests, specifically identify which request the qualification does not apply to, using the tracking numbers below.

Finally, I have included additional clarification questions for specific requests below.

1.    PRA request 15-422, received by the City on November 11

You have requested the following categories of record:

1.                   “any and all records relating to [Brandia Taamu]” for the last five years

2.                   “all records relating to [Brandia Taamu] [that] are set aside and saved for litigation” for the last five years

3.                   “every single email [Brandia Taamu has] sent to the city of Everett” for the last five years

4.                   “all emails [and all phone calls faxes or handwritten/typed correspondence] that detail how [the City is] going to answer or not answer [Brandia Taamu’s] public records requests in email PST format with all metadata attached.”

5.                   “all copies of any discovery that was given to [Brandia Taamu] or [her] council [sic] and a list of the jurors”

6.                   “copy of the disclosure of Rose Adams prior criminal history that might’ve have been given to [Brandia Taamu’s] council [sic] or [Brandia Taamu] with proof that it was given to either one”

7.                   “digital copy of the photos that were taken the day [Brandia Taamu’s] animals were taken from [her] with all of the metadata attached”

8.                   “a report on the welfare of [Brandia Taamu’s] animals”

Clarification questions. 


All emails send by Brandia Taamu would be included in all records “related to” Brandia Taamu, and therefore, the City will include any records responsive to item 3 in the records responsive to item 1.  Please provide clarification if you disagree.


2.    Request 15-462  (remade after abandonment on December 8, 2015)

You have requested “all emails, text messages and phone records for the following persons for the specific date ranges indicated after each name”:



Date Range



Laura Van Slyke

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

App’t to Muni Court 01/01/2014


Mike Fisher

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Lori Trask

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Former employee


Shannon (Delgado) Johnson

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Former employee


James D Iles

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Ron Gipson

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Brenda Stonecipher

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Shannon Affholter

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Former councilmember


Drew Neilson

11/1/10 to 10/24/14



Kate Reardon

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Former employee


Paul Roberts

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Jeff Moore

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Scott Bader

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Debra Bryant

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Hil Kaman

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Leslie Tidball

11/1/10 to 10/24/14


Brie Hopkins

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Former employee


Teresa Cox

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Former employee


Mayor Stephanson

1/6/11 to 1/6/15


Tam Moen

1/6/11 to 1/6/15

Former employee


David Hall

1/6/11 to 1/6/15


Ramsey Ramerman

1/6/11 to 1/6/15


Kathy Attwood

1/6/11 to 1/6/15

Former employee


David Fudge

1/6/11 to 1/6/15


Deborah Wright

1/6/11 to 1/6/15


Lanie McMullin

1/6/11 to 1/6/15


Greg Lineberry

1/6/11 to 1/6/15


Christina Wiersma

1/6/11 to 1/6/15


Off. Robert Franklin

1/6/11 to 1/6/15

Former employee


Mel Murphy

1/6/11 to 1/6/15


David Mitchell

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Former court employee – records not subject to PRA


Timothy O’Dell

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Court employee – records not subject to PRA


Katie Traenkenschuch

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Court employee – records not subject to PRA


Cheryl Byer

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Not City employee


G. Geoffrey Gibbs

11/1/10 to 10/24/14

Not City employee


June Thompson

1/6/11 to 1/6/15

Not City employee


Igrid Weaver

1/6/11 to 1/6/15

Not City employee


Erin Wyse

1/6/11 to 1/6/15

Not City employee

Note, the City will not be providing records for any of the non-employees or court employees.

3.    Request 15-463 (remade on December 8, 2015 after abandonment)

All records from December 24, 2010 to June 21, 2015 that are related to you or that refer to any of the following terms or animals:

1.       “Finally home Rescue”

2.       “”

3.       “Scncoreporter”

4.       “Animallawnewsandabuse”

5.       “Snohomishcountycorruption”

6.       Dogs previously owned by you named “Hoki”, “Soffia”, “Misty”, “Taz”, “George” or “Libby”

Note, it would appear that all of these documents would be responsive to item 1 in request 15-422 above.  Thus, we will provide any records responsive to this request as part of the response to PDR 15-422 unless you provide additional clarification regarding the scope of this request.  Absent that clarification you will not receive records referencing this tracking number.

From: SnoCo Reporter []
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2015 4:09 PM
To: Public Disclosure; president; zamboni_john;  Carol DeCoursey; cdiemond; jilljfleck; Bill Scheidler
Subject: Re: Public Disclosure Request – 15-214 AND 15-213

The request is not closed, this is the first time you have put a # to this request instead of playing games and telling one thing is ready and sending me something else.

15-214 & 15-213

Are not closed and until you tell me what I owe you can not claim that I have abandoned anything. I have not abandoned my requests. I have all of your emails with the metadata captured.

Please send me an invoice as to what I owe for each and when you expect my next installment to be ready. I also know for a fact that you have the entire request ready for everyone because Tam sent an email laying out what was ready the last time this game was played.

On December 8, 2015 at 12:55 PM Public Disclosure <> wrote:

Ms. Taamu,

As of today, December 8, 2015, the City of Everett did not received your payment toward your public disclosure request number 15-214, for emails, phone or voice messages, texts, etc. for a variety of city employees, therefore the City treats your request as abandoned and closed.


Ms. Taamu,

As of today, December 8, 2015, the City of Everett did not received your payment toward your public disclosure request number 15-213, for records where you are named, therefore the City treats your request as abandoned and closed.


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