Congratulations to Dave Somers and Snohomish County

I hope no one is naive enough to think that one magical election and we have solved all of the problems in Snohomish County but it’s a better chance then we’ve had in decades.

Our new county executive seems to be committed to that very end, and we will be watching.

Once we get all the right people in office then we will be able to fight the corruption that eats at our county like a cancer. As it stands now, we only have a few.

Once Lovick is gone we can finally throw out all of his trash as well as the left over Reardon garbage and start from scratch.

There are approximately 750K people in SnoCo, only 422K are registered to vote and only 1/3 of the 422 even bothered to vote

Sadly that is only part of the problem, the county executive’s office can only do so much. The Prosecutors office along with the courts and the judiciary are the other major part of the county’s problems.

Once this election is over and all the votes are counted we are going to work on term limits for these corrupt prosecutors and judges.

There is much healing to do in this county, as one reader pointed out but once we get the onerous henchmen out of our county we should be able to at least start the much needed changes to begin that process.

You can believe that all of us activists have been keeping a list of all the people these last 2 executives have put in positions of power. A list that will be delivered in January to the Executives office.

Once we get all of the conniving people out of office then we will deal with all of the people who have gotten fat off this corrupt county culture. There are many.