Denny Youth Center report is out

None of it is good news for City of Everett Councilman & Denny Youth Center long time employee Ron Gipson. I have blogged about him on more then one occasion in both roles.

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I’ve seen messages between him & others stating that he has to put anti-biotics in his wife’s food because he gets so much action on the side but from these & other lawsuits it doesn’t seem to be true.

The latest investigation has cost tax payers over half of a million dollars, plus the 1.6 million paid out to County Employees with possibly more litigation on the way. He has been on the Everett city council since 1995

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According the the Herald this guy has raked in over 111,000 while on paid administrative leave. Plus whatever he makes as a city Councilman. This isn’t his first go round with abusing the taxpayers monies either.

Again this all comes down to voters. People do not research the folks they vote for & then have the nerve to wonder why our county & cities are in such a mess. It is also yet another argument for term limits, once we vote out certain bad actors it will be much easier to make the needed changes we all deserve. I will expand on this story once I get the report.

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