Don’t get raped or run over or play with fireworks in Snohomish County ~ You either die or you get charged

Just when you think you hear the worst thing… You scan down the headlines & find something WORSE

When I was little & being raped by my step-father, the Lynnwood Police/Snohomish County Detectives told me I was lying, & that “there was something seriously wrong with me” NEVERMIND that I spent 8 hours in surgery to try to put the pieces of my tiny womb that was left & didn’t have gangrene back together. Thank God they sent me to an actual psychiatrist “for lying” who is also a medical doctor so she knew the truth & helped me deal with it in secret. Years later my mother, who had a “gift” for picking pieces of shit was dating Ted Bundy, they found me left for dead. AGAIN the Lynnwood Police dept told me I was lying. Evidently it was perfectly logical that a little girl could tie herself up over a tarp & wait for hours for search & rescue to find her… You know maybe I was just BORED.

All of what I am saying can be verified, evidently there are newspaper stories about my disappearance & in my life I have only told 2 people about the Bundy thing because I don’t want the scumbag crime authors trying to turn me into a freak show & thankfully my actual memories of that experience have been very fuzzy. I am not telling anyone this to help me, but I want this girl to KNOW she is not alone, that I understand what she has went through & I know how it feels to be violated & then called a liar courtesy of the very people who are supposed to protect you…

My step-father video-taped my abuse & I often wonder who else got copies, or if they’ve been taken off of a reel & placed on the internet somewhere. That is the fear I live with every day, for 4 decades I have wondered. I hope for the victims of the Lynnwood/Snohomish County Police dept everywhere all through time that she sues the living crap out of them & wins.

It took everything I had for me to write this, to make it public but it needs to be done for one person, maybe for others who have been victimized by the same police dept. I don’t care who believes me or doesn’t. I am decades past giving a shit about if someone believes me or not. I just want the other victims out there to know this is a course of conduct, a pattern of behavior, you are not wrong, you are the victim & those responsible for assuring your safety are the failures, they are the pieces of shit, not you.

Evidently in 40 years NOTHING has changed. Here are just a few gems of the story for these sorry excuses but click on the link to read the whole story

LYNNWOOD — The victim of a serial rapist is now suing the Lynnwood police detectives who once accused her of lying about being sexually assaulted. The woman, then 18, was charged with false reporting. She eventually pleaded guilty and was ordered to undergo mental health counseling and pay a $500 fine. Lynnwood police detectives, however, reopened the rape investigation in 2011 after they were contacted by police in Colorado who had discovered pictures of the Lynnwood woman and a photograph of her identification card among evidence seized during their investigation into serial rapist Marc O’Leary. Among the photographs were pictures of the Lynnwood teen. One photograph showed the woman’s identification card placed on her bare chest. Also named as defendants in the lawsuit are the Everett-based nonprofit youth advocacy agency, Cocoon House, and two of its former employees, Jana Hamilton and Wayne Nash. The agency’s CEO Cassie Franklin issued a statement Tuesday, saying that officials there “strongly believe that Cocoon House and its employees acted appropriately on behalf of the client.” “Our heart is certainly with this young woman,” Franklin added. The lawsuit alleges that the detectives pressured the woman to recant her story. The officers also told her that if she failed a lie detector test that she would lose her housing, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the Cocoon House employees did nothing to help the woman get a lawyer. Instead they reportedly told the woman if she lied to police she would be removed from the program. The lawsuit alleges that they also forced they woman to tell the other program participants that she made up the story about being raped and had filed a false report. Her record has since been expunged and the fine refunded.

The most disturbing part is that these two agencies colluded with each other to to threaten bully, harass, denigrate & humiliate this young woman, much like they did to me. This is not just a case of one agency screwing up, this is two agencies who backed each other up in a sweetheart deal.

My thinking is & I have written this post over 2000 times but never published it… That the detectives here could’ve stopped Ted Bundy dead in his tracks & saved lives if they they took a damn thing seriously. That is one of the main reasons I haven’t talked about this to most people, all it does is incite further anger & anguish to the families. For a good many years I thought if only I had been more “believable” that maybe they could have or would have stopped him. Most of the time I simply wished he would’ve killed me so I wouldn’t have to be in this world. I carried that guilt with me for most of my childhood & adult life… Until I read this story.

Worse yet I bet this poor girl had to go in front of Judge Moore who is quite possibly the most condescending #%$ ever to blaspheme the bench He has been reprimanded ONCE & that was a total sham & I can tell you from going to court with others that he has not changed a thing Here is the whitewash of a sham for his rehabilitation (DIDN’T WORK)

Just when I find a glimmer of hope in this county: POOF there it goes right down the crapper.

Oh but just a side note: IF you want to get off scott free for a hit & run that kills someone just say “I thought I hit a dog” if you want to make it a good story make sure the guy is walking his dog & hit & kill them both. YES you heard me right: A lady hit & killed a man &  his dog & walked off scott free by saying she thought it was just a dog!!! Since her name was never released we will never know who she was related to, oh & it helps to claim the guy was laying in the road.

This person had less worth then a dog, look at his face, he was a human being, someone’s child, someone brother. Who knows what good he could’ve done in this world & who cares about the pain his family feels?


Evidently one should never point fireworks at the Snohomish County Sheriffs or they will kill you for that. I’ll tell you what, my grandkids aren’t even getting sparklers this year for the 4th of July.

Everyone asks me why I like to stay out in the boonies in a 2 bedroom mobile home with a donkey who wakes me up every morning by opening my bedroom window with it’s mouth & chews on my hair or feet depending on which way I’m laying, which for reasons known ONLY to the neighbors rooster makes him sit on my roof & cockadoodledoo his head off. Every morning starts with me walking the donkey home & chasing the rooster off of my roof. That’s why!!!! That is my “stress for the day” & just for spite I go grab a couple of eggs from his henhouse. I have fresh well water, solar panels for electricity, the occasional morning deer visits, but most of all because I don’t have to be in Snohomish County

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