Everett Shelter Has Plenty of Bags – But Now Pee Pads Are Needed!

Posted on: April 27, 2016
If you have a Costco Membership you can purchase a box of 100 for 14.99 remember it’s puppy and kitten season so anything helps!


Scout says “Thank you to everyone who donated their plastic bags to the shelter! We’re now out of space to store them all so we’ll have to stop taking them in. Who knew so many bags existed out in the world?! Thank you so much to everyone! If you’d still like to donate to the shelter I know we have a great need for PUPPY PEE PADS! I myself am not a fan of puppies, they try to bite on my ears, my tail, and climb on me when I’m trying to nap, but I told them I’d give a shout out for them. So there it is, the puppies are in great need of pee pads. Thanks everybody!