More Fake News Coming Out Of Planned Parenthood

Fake news seems to be bombarding everyone at every level through almost every medium.

Some are slight fabrications of a partial truth, some are just outright lies.

This is a lesson for most Americans to finally get up and do the research themselves. I advocate that you do that, even about anything I write on this newspaper.

The old saying still stands as truth: Be careful of 1/2 truths because you never know if you got a hold of the wrong half.

There could be any number of things that I believe as a “truth” but by research may find out I am wrong, or even an insightful reader could bring another facet of it to me and teach me a thing or two. It has happened a few times and I expect many more lessons in the future.

I want folks to get out and learn, not to accept whatever is spoonfed to them by me or anyone else. I don’t need folks to think like me, but I do need them to think.

It may be the only thing that saves us as a nation in the coming years.

So there is a picture going around facebook right now:

Yet the leader of Planned Parenthood said that yes they do use federal funding for abortions, contrary to what Politico reported.

The problem is that these are all politically motivated stories. There is no concern for the safety, health and welfare of children or mothers.

This particular photo is being distributed by a democratic group. The same type of group that got behind Hillary instead of Bernie.

The thing that they fail to realize is that this is not a party issue, it is a very personal issue with serious implications for mankind over all.

The states are perfectly capable of funding their own STD, cancer, and health screenings. They have a program called WIC for early childhood nutrition with funds coming from the Federal Govt. and any public health center can give you all of these services.

I have the best health coverage you can possibly get, yet I choose to go to the Community Health Centers because I realize the bulk of their patients are low income and are on Medicaid, so they receive much less then most clinics and hospitals that are privately run.

I personally do not believe in abortions and it has always horrified me that we congratulate a woman who has because she was using her right to “choose” yet we condemn a mother who kills her own child.

On that note: There are some women that should not be mothers so in some cases it is a good thing that it is available.

There is also the case of rape, and of health issues.

The best way to deal with things that you don’t agree with is not to do them.

The government does not need to be in our bodies or regulating them.

Because we are so squeamish and stuck in moral conundrums we have outlawed most of the use and research of stem cells from these children that have already been discarded.

Hence the reason why it has become a cash cow for the likes of Planned Parenthood.

I would hope that we could at least honor their short tenure here with some type of function that would help mankind.

There is no real need for planned parenthood, we have community healthcare centers to can provide these services and more.

The argument needs to be made that we could provide more of these services in a better manner then some countrywide non-profit who strong arms and threatens other charities who don’t give them money like the Susan G Koman Foundation. Which is a breast cancer research foundation which I quit donating to because I thought my money was going to fund cancer screening and research, not to kill babies.